Month: November 2013

A New Kind of Rationale

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During this time of Thanksgiving Holiday here in America, I had occasion to sit with friends, family, friends’ families, and family friends, to share a meal (or two).  A side effect of the modern family and its bifurcating reality is that there are Thanksgiving meals going on for the better part of the week.  I participated in or heard about gatherings taking place on just about any day of the past week and at one […]

The Tribe of the Unknown Becoming

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Christ / Course Ideas

I began by thinking to myself, “I will log in and write a few words about what is happening.”  This is a reasonable stance for a first-year blogger.  And I could do that… if I actually knew what was happening.  But I don’t.  For a while now I’ve been developing an interpretive disability.  I see something.  I hear something.  But I can’t decide what it means.  I can’t tell if it’s a win or a […]

On Turning Inside Out

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Course Ideas / Poetry

I work away in my castle of thought, jolly as a clam, surrounded by parchment stacks, withered ledgers, flat screen monitors speckled by looping video clips of the past- (for research purposes)- key chains full of memory sticks, key chains full of keys to foot lockers, desk drawers, leather-bound briefcases, bulkhead doors, bicycle locks, motor vehicles, and a big-wheeled red tractor that gurgles when it idles, plus there are reams of photographs, black and white, […]

Something Beyond Thinking Right

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Christ / Course Ideas

The Truth is True.  That we can say for sure.  Beyond that, it gets kind of prickly.  Consider, for instance… …when a being who has latched onto a thought that is out of accord with the Truth is enjoying a period of relative satisfaction, expansion, and accomplishment in the world, it might be noted by some that things are going well, and concluded by others that a general condition of harmony must therefore reign in […]

Looking Beyond Meaninglessness

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Christ / Course Ideas

For nearly a fortnight this little outpost in the electronic landscape has been a purveyor of radio silence- a dot of ink indistinguishable from the backdrop of the night sky.  Only an expert in this tiny slice of the night sky would have noticed the absence of a star in the heavens, the one eclipsed by my corpuscle blot of quiet.  Jesus, for instance, standing in a meadow beneath the night sky, observing the vast, banded […]

A Dangling Becoming

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Christ / Poetry

I cling yet to the known, no longer panicked, but bemused by the early warning signs of my precipitous departure, dangling auspiciously over the side of this ledge, fingers clenching the last tufts of what has been as I hang in a state of white-knuckled longing for what will be, waving gently to and fro over all of space like a piñata awaiting the strike of some holy timber. This reluctance to all out surrender, […]