Michael Mark

This blog exists as a means of sharing the unfolding of my heart.

When I began, I envisioned that much of what I would offer would be directly related to my experiences reading and working with A Course in Miracles, and subsequently A Course of Love.  I found out quickly, however, that ultimately what I desired to share were pure feelings, wisps of imagination and grace, field notes from forays into the Mystery, made-up(?) encounters with Hafiz and Jesus, and related instruments of the heart.  So before too long, many of my posts became poetic in form, as this seemed to be the clearest means of offering this content, but I still try and sprinkle some prose reflections in as well.  I’ve also posted some fiction samples based on related themes.

I’ve published one collection of poetry to date, which you can read more about on the author page I’ve put together.

This blog began because I thought I had something to say, and while that was not untrue, it turned out that exchanging ideas with others was the deeper purpose.  The blog has become a place where we are saying it together, and this is a far richer experience.  I hope you find this is a good place to share what is in your heart as well, for I do believe it is this form of sharing that enlivens us, and the world as a whole.

Thank you for being here.



    • Thank you very much, Aenne! I have never really done awards on this blog, but I do really appreciate the recognition and the thoughts you have shared.


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    • Hey Wyrd, thanks for the note! All is well. Work has been pretty busy and I’ve been helping a friend edit her book, and my online time has been on the back burner for a bit here. But all good. Thanks for reaching out!

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