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    • Thank you for reading, Ruth, and for the kind words. I’m not quite sure how to respond! I am reminded of a passage in A Course of Love where Jesus suggests that as we move towards wholeheartedness, we embrace the other aspects of our being. Men, on the average, may turn to their feeling natures. Women, on the average, may rejoin with reason. In the end, I think its about embracing a healthy balance, moving deeply into the fullness of our own being…

      Much Love

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  3. I enjoyed your thoughts and insights in The Embrace. Our experience over the last few days has differed in one respect: I was relieved not to have to face a Clinton presidency for I feel she’s equally corrupt plus deceptive. Still, I was able to apply the insights to both Trump and Clinton, so there was no need to revise it just for people who see a larger circle of specialness.

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    • Thanks for your note Elliott. I agree with the sensing of deep challenges on both sides, and I’m glad the insights were so easily extended to your own situation. There are so many facets to this I’m not sure any of us really understand fully what it offers on all levels…


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