Month: January 2014

Stare Down

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Course Ideas / Poetry

I could say I wasn’t afraid. But I was. Me and that feeling looked each other in the eye, and I looked away.  Shrugged my shoulders. Flicked up my collar. Kicked the dirt. Got a hobby. Next day shipping, of course. Ran half way across the world. Whatever. I was desperate to tag out, to sneak out of the ring, maybe get into promotions, have an office with high ceilings, be famous or happy or […]

Spontaneous Revelations

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Christ / Course Ideas

In A Course of Love, Jesus notes that “the animation of form with spirit is an ongoing aspect of Creation.”  He says this is not a timebound dynamic.  This is every moment.  It was there at the Beginning.  It is there right now.  It will always be there.  It is what is happening…  Spirit is peeking out at us right now from behind and within everything, including the stale self-concepts I jam like boulders into […]

What is the Meaning of This!?

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Christ / Course Ideas

If this world is not an accident- the fortuitous product of its own basic uncertainty, or strictly speaking the ramification of a series of serendipitous oscillations in a quantized electromagnetic field- well, then it must be on purpose.  We are left with no acceptable alternatives. Well… it could have been a mistake, but that is a scenario we hardly ever entertain.  That would really be a head-scratcher wouldn’t it?  To have been brought into existence […]

Love At a Glance

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Christ / Poetry

Let us begin. The room is dark and empty, and filled with silence. Keep in mind: this is not the type of silence to which we’re accustomed, a silence that is the inverse of noise, the silence that pervades space like a Propensity For Action lying in ambush. No. This is before that type of silence. This is emptiness. It is not even a room actually. It is not even space. Space, you see, has […]

The Redemptive Move

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Christ / Creative

Sometimes a day arrives in which the thing to do is just see what it has in store for you.  It’s a day free of obligations, a day book-ended by important affairs and thus inopportune for embarking on projects that must be finished once they’ve begun, a day on which taking stock means discovering how you really feel given the space to do so, a day for partaking of simple pleasures.  I chose once, on […]

Beauty Revisioned

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Course Ideas / Science

A pitfall in our thinking is the notion that there is a fixed place at which we are destined to arrive- (I can’t avoid noting the obvious link between the terms destiny and destination)- a condition to realize that will be immune to change, an ideal state to occupy or embody.  Alas, there is not.  At the same time, I do think the Truth is constant.  Identity, properly construed, is constant.  I think that we […]

The Mathematics of Hafiz

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Christ / Poetry

Hafiz explained to us that, given Mr. Findley’s unexpected absquatulation to Costa Rica, he would be teaching the class for a little while. Then he let go of a stack of books from about eighteen inches off the desk and when they landed the sound they made was so big it damn near blew the back wall of the room off. After the dust settled, he winked at us. “Mr. Findley,” he said, “was the […]

Science and My Love of Being

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Christ / Science

I love science- the way it pries open the mind, the way it reveals the marbling of connection that courses through world like a vein of sparkling ore running deep through a mountain, the way it points to a destination without ever quite arriving.  When- after digging through the till, sifting, examining, illuminating, testing, and finally conceding the point- we admit our befuddlement, and we dare to ask the types of questions our previous world […]