Month: October 2014

A Day Off

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Until you’ve given yourself to it entirely– until you’ve stepped forward in the silence of your own heart, drenched in commitment, and called your life’s bluff, or taken a sabbatical from what makes sense and spent a few of those precious vacation days sleeping in back of a rusted car that is flying awkwardly in gutted stasis on a litter of cinder blocks strewn along the ground like the crumbs of a passing barrage of scrapped cities, […]

All Of Us

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What if we look into the night sky, but can’t understand what it says? This happens all the time, because we sent Meaning away once. All of us. Banished it from our minds. Cut ourselves right in two like cosmic butchers. Each from each. Then each from each again. For our own good, we said. Looked up at the stars. Lost count. Lost our way. Every half blamed the other. We’ve got the right half, we […]

The Gaping Maw

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Christ / Poetry

Christ is a friend best made before you try and set things straight in the world, because that’s a tall order usually involving such experiential delicacies as walking through fire, negotiating with fanatics, imbibing poisoned tonics, standing trial before a stadium-sized jury of the bitter and scorned, writing defiant op-eds no one understands, being shoved out of a slow-rolling car, or spraying something minty into your mouth right before doing something reckless as a last […]

That Strange Memory We Have

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The other day, unexpectedly and without provocation, because it made sense in a very incalculable kind of way, and eschewing momentarily all my previously aggregated momentum of character and personality, I responded to a clever advertisement stapled to the picture of a pet mountain goat that by some accounts had gone missing, and by other accounts been found, that was taped to a promotional photograph of a local practitioner of esoteric dietary arts involving seeds […]

The Missing Ingredient

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Miracles work like this: we stop trying to choose a life from the menu and invite the chef to surprise us our plate arrives twenty minutes later, empty but for a once-folded, scribbled note: where have you been get your ass back here the meringue is on fire Suddenly– we remember… We enter the kitchen to hearty cheers, exploding custards, the incoming flight of a ripe tomato, a glimpse of flames from the open pit rotisserie, […]

On the Nature and Use of Public Transportation

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Christ / Poetry

Calculus reveals itself to be the study of my fears. The tangent to a curve is a line, a rock slung into the void of space, a cannonball flight untempered by gravity, a prognosis insulated from relationship and possibility. If we take the vector properties of this miniscule instant, extrapolate them, and play the tape, well… uh oh. When the Studebaker is whipping around a turn, an antique rocking chair strapped inadequately to the roof, once […]

Turtle Talk

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I was sitting on the squishy bottom of a short stack of water about three feet tall, beneath a full sun, fully clothed, buttons made up, with little bubbles hiding out in my eyelashes, watching a fish watch me back through the grass, thinking about the strange economies of tadpoles and turtles, wondering what that brewing pain was inside of my chest, as I was somehow temporarily without my memory of the direct effects of […]

Transcending Choice

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Course Ideas

One of the core concepts of A Course of Love is contained in the statement, “There is no loss, only gain.”  While there are a number of contexts in which this sentiment offers an opportunity for a deepening understanding of what is meant by the term unity within the Course, recent events in my own life as well as events observed in the lives of those around me have led me to reflect upon its […]