Month: November 2014

Drilling Down

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We have to drill down. Straight through it. Through the door we nailed shut all those years ago. Through the weathered planks and carefully placed stones. Through every concession we once offered to the sky that the sky could never take, and still be a place for shining. Through all those fragmentary hopes that never went anywhere. Through that half-light we never really wanted. We have to drill down. Down through our belief that things might […]

Buddhas Everywhere

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A mind enamored of its own disguise cannot see all the imminent Buddhas– the ones stationed everywhere it looks. The Ones everywhere it can’t quite see. (Stop here for a moment and take a look around.) (Do you see?) A mind convinced of its own fabrications cannot imagine that experience itself is an omni-sided doorway– a passage to every form of grace. A passage to every glory, seated in circles. (Don’t worry where, just imagine… that you […]

Relinquishing Difficulty

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Christ / Course Ideas

Recent events in my life served the function of popping the vacuum sealed lid of a small glass jar of fear I had been carrying around in my coat pocket.  I smacked dab into some real world events—moments of indeterminate outcome surrounded by a steadily gathering mob of foreboding consequences—and you could hear the audible inrush of air as the jar was pried open.  Out spilled vestiges of a future I had sworn to abandon, […]

Ode to a Quaggy Mire

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I’ve done it now. I’ve stepped into It. It’s gotten all over my shoe and It’s made walking a squishy awkward. Also, a certain quantity of the material ended up in dollops on the rug in the front hall, like a band of slugs that woke up and had no idea where they were. Too stunned to move. Just laying there like a constellation of invertebrates collectively embodying a deeper meaning. Like tea leaves. They must […]


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A lawn bordered by backlit trees, and a sun pouring forth on the matters of this age. Such consistency in the face of my impromptu madness. The smattering of robins working through the yard understand exactly what the sun is saying. Their curious heads turn in silent clicks from one world to the next. Some have scruffy necks and perform shutter-speed calculations. They all have Open, upturned eyes. Open. I’m catching on. The quality of […]

Sometimes I Forget

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Christ / Course Ideas / Poetry

Sometimes when the door slams and the house wobbles, we forget the stew bubbling happily on the stove. We forget the scent of roasting carrots. We forget the light dancing softly on the candle. Sometimes when the light turns red and two horns joust in reply, we forget the fresh cut flowers on the passenger seat. We forget we were celebrating an abiding love. We forget the other reasons for this plane are moot. Sometimes […]

A Few Words on the Photon

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Course Ideas / Poetry

When asked to explain the self, the Buddha demurred. How would this help? Likewise, a trusted computer will not look too closely at division by zero, not because it is impossible, but because of the hypnotic ramifications. Caught in its beguiling web, the self resists clear understanding. Better to consider the photon. When a filament of refined metallic earth is filled to the brimming point with a humming sweetness, or space itself collapses into an incredible, […]