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It’s easy to think I have made a breakthrough, put the pieces together just right, as if I were a scientist grappling with and making plain the mysteries of salvation.  It wouldn’t be all that difficult to conjure an image of myself twirling a dry erase marker in one hand and sloshing a cup of coffee absentmindedly in the other while pacing back and forth in front of wall-to-wall white boards.  On them are scribbled […]

Look Snappy

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Creative / Poetry

We are interference patterns in the Mind of God. What I mean, is that a miracle emerges in every moment where our two (or three) waves intersect, where they merge for just an instant as they ripple along their way. Your wave is who you are, given freely into limitlessness. Our waves, our gifts of Self and Love, extend ever outwards, pass through one another, illuminating each to each, giving grace to grace, birthing patterns […]

The Redemptive Move

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Christ / Creative

Sometimes a day arrives in which the thing to do is just see what it has in store for you.  It’s a day free of obligations, a day book-ended by important affairs and thus inopportune for embarking on projects that must be finished once they’ve begun, a day on which taking stock means discovering how you really feel given the space to do so, a day for partaking of simple pleasures.  I chose once, on […]

A Present For Jesus

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Jesus’ birthday was here, and I wanted to get him something nice, but after three hours of slogging through one store after another, I was bogging down a bit.  Okay- a lot.  I was desperate.  What’s he going to do with a leather coat?  Or a pair of fluorescent teal Nike Air Max Lebron X’s?  I couldn’t picture it.  Okay, ha!  I’m not that daft.  I wasn’t really thinking the material gift was the thing, […]

Getting Right

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Creative / Poetry

It’s late in a long day. You know the ones. A few aches and pains are emerging: the backing is starting to show through the pile. Something wants to be slept off, rebooted, allowed to lose its way, permitted to dissolve, misplaced, or forgotten. That’s when Hafiz drops by unannounced, bubbly as a mountain spring, says, “Wanna’ go dancing?” Eyes roll… “You kidding me?” “Well,” he says, “it just seemed like you were starting to take […]

The Brotherhood for the Preservation of the Mundane

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Some days I am more afflicted by my view of history than others.  What I mean by my view of history is the set of instructions, assumptions, patterns and perceptions that I have agglomerated within myself, that I carry around tucked inside of me like a bolus of half-eaten horsecrap, portions of which I take out and mentally deconstruct from time to time, but which I have yet to moreorless rear back and hurl like […]

A Trap That Only We Can Spring!

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Christ / Creative

It was a strange week and I did a strange thing.  I wrote a play…  (Not long…) A Trap That Only We (We=One=All) Can Spring! ACT I (A quiet city street.  A solitary lamp overhead.  Steam rising from a manhole cover.  A couple of apartment doors are set back from the curb.  There is a soda can and miscellaneous urban detritus along the gutter.) (Vinnie, despondent,  trundles onto the stage.  He is mumbling to himself, […]

The Patterns of Borderland

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Illusion is a tiny kingdom fully encircled by the Kingdom of Truth.  It is a mock kingdom.  It is intended to be a replication of the Kingdom of Truth, with all its rights and privileges, but since you can’t pull that off without a Truth to base your kingdom on, and since there is only one Truth, and that Truth already had a Kingdom, (and we’re in it)… well, you can see the colossal problem […]

Thank God…

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Creative / Poetry

We were born adrift, resilient beads of awareness shimmering on a high sea, buoyant. Sparkling. No land in sight. The residue of saturated space- meaning that cooling Emptiness could no longer hold in solution, dew drops from the Night’s sold out Vacancy, falling, caught – splat!- upon a blank canvas. No land in sight. We were all swaddling vulnerabilities, nascent and curious Futures-in-Training, fields of Potential whose every vector pointed away from a singular Discontinuity: the […]

The Only Fortune Worth Telling

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Christ / Creative

Sometimes after a period of engagement with the world- of rummaging through a serpentine forest of excessively close-packed motorists, of defusing tasks that have been thrown headlong like live grenades towards the hard wall of Deadline, of displaying all the requisite attributes of a trained specialist embroiled in the local deluge of a world economy – I take a deep breath and return to the Beginning.  I stop and take a drink of the Solace that […]