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Mutual Arising

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Christ / Course Ideas

In the Dialogues of A Course of Love, Jesus describes the process of “becoming”.  In this state, we have realized or glimpsed unity consciousness, but we have yet to fully shed the conditions of our past.  This joyous wholeness that tickles us still often feels like the movement of an outside hand.  Creation is witnessed as a beautiful and awe-inspiring dynamic, albeit one we still perceive as taking place- at times- “out there”.  We experience […]

The Day That Never Ended

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The day to end all days begins like any other.  I awaken in the same bed.  I begin an awkward stumble down the hall, but… even before my synapses have warmed, I can sense it.  Something is strange.  Nice strange.  Really nice strange. I am filled with the abiding sensation that everything is worked out.  The center of my being is a field of possibility and satisfaction.  Nothing hangs over me and nothing begs for […]

Air Travel Unlearning

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Course Ideas

Last night I put on my air traveler temporarily delayed in a strange airport hat when one of those nebulous “mechanical problems” you hear about over the loudspeakers stymied the local maintenance crew for several hours.  We all know what most likely transpired…  A seatback got jammed slightly out of vertical, and despite the best efforts of three suddenly religious would-be body builders, the offending mechanism could not be convinced.  When the crackerjack troubleshooters finally […]