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The Missing Ingredient

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Miracles work like this: we stop trying to choose a life from the menu and invite the chef to surprise us our plate arrives twenty minutes later, empty but for a once-folded, scribbled note: where have you been get your ass back here the meringue is on fire Suddenly– we remember… We enter the kitchen to hearty cheers, exploding custards, the incoming flight of a ripe tomato, a glimpse of flames from the open pit rotisserie, […]

Flying in “V” Formation

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Christ / Poetry

One day the Beloved glanced over and saw me schlepping my burlap bag of memories dull dreams and weathered photos across a landscape of cars, glass bottles, and tinted-glass personalities like a lonely tortoise having a near death experience during the evening commute. Curious, She picked me up.  My legs dangled awkwardly, pumping the air in their usual slow, auto-piloted circles as if nothing had happened, as if I might still actually be plodding along, […]