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Drilling Down

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We have to drill down. Straight through it. Through the door we nailed shut all those years ago. Through the weathered planks and carefully placed stones. Through every concession we once offered to the sky that the sky could never take, and still be a place for shining. Through all those fragmentary hopes that never went anywhere. Through that half-light we never really wanted. We have to drill down. Down through our belief that things might […]

A Few Words on the Photon

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When asked to explain the self, the Buddha demurred. How would this help? Likewise, a trusted computer will not look too closely at division by zero, not because it is impossible, but because of the hypnotic ramifications. Caught in its beguiling web, the self resists clear understanding. Better to consider the photon. When a filament of refined metallic earth is filled to the brimming point with a humming sweetness, or space itself collapses into an incredible, […]