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Each Moment, the Last

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We circulate blood to warm the engine, to launder our thoughts through a flickering screen of cells, to give our last remaining questions the dignity of heat, a name, and color– to work them over day after day from within these visceral bindings, pressing against them and metabolizing them and hoping they’ll somehow end up different than they once were. The mind takes a peek out, intrepid, eager as a hunter, giddy with the leathered […]


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Once Hafiz and I were walking along the beach beneath a violet sky that had gathered around a glowing sliver of the moon, speaking existentially about sunken barques drift wood hand-carved initials and the audacity of the ruffled tulip, when the pounding surf whistling winds and rush of mad-honking gulls tripped a lever inside of my famished organs of persona. I was suddenly swimming in the need to give my whole life away, to tear […]