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Relinquishing Difficulty

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Christ / Course Ideas

Recent events in my life served the function of popping the vacuum sealed lid of a small glass jar of fear I had been carrying around in my coat pocket.  I smacked dab into some real world events—moments of indeterminate outcome surrounded by a steadily gathering mob of foreboding consequences—and you could hear the audible inrush of air as the jar was pried open.  Out spilled vestiges of a future I had sworn to abandon, […]

Sometimes I Forget

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Christ / Course Ideas / Poetry

Sometimes when the door slams and the house wobbles, we forget the stew bubbling happily on the stove. We forget the scent of roasting carrots. We forget the light dancing softly on the candle. Sometimes when the light turns red and two horns joust in reply, we forget the fresh cut flowers on the passenger seat. We forget we were celebrating an abiding love. We forget the other reasons for this plane are moot. Sometimes […]

Reaching In, Reaching Out

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Some nights are for forgiveness. I can only let the mail pile up for so long. Then I have to open the notes I’ve been sending myself since who knows when, and really drink them in. Notice the handmade paper, the choice of twine, the careful hand-writing, the postmarks from places I never knew I’d been. How did I get there? When was I lost at sea? I realize… a distance has been opened, and […]

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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This poem comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right. Here it is, in fact: Your Everlasting Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. In case you’re wondering already– (you haven’t even read the poem yet for Pete’s sake!)– what type of compensation you receive should you find by some law-bending fluke of nature that you’re a twinge dissatisfied at the end of this, I’ll tell you that, too. Anticipating such a question, the Beloved has written the Answer upon an infinitude of hearts, […]

The Unnavigable Journey

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Christ / Course Ideas

I’ve been reflecting lately upon the nature of knowing- of knowing anything at all.  How exactly do we come to know?  And what is it that may be known?  The context for my reflections is not a vacuum, but my life, and the way that my deepest desires have driven me to wrestle with questions of meaning, purpose and identity.  As is unavoidably the case for each of us, I have had to answer the […]

Half Time Talk

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Christ / Poetry

However you came to this point, however you made contact with your inner geometry, whatever brought you to the point of finally placing all your stock into who you are, into that infinitesimal droplet of radiance lurking in your chest of which you’ve but caught fleeting glimpses, not yet even knowing what they might be, it doesn’t really matter. You’re here. Let’s leave it at that. However you came to this point, all we can […]

Weather Report

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Christ / Course Ideas

One thing I’ve been observing recently is the weather pattern of my psyche.  There are dominant feelings that arise and then linger like a slowly fading echo, serving as the backdrop to a strand of days.  It’s like visiting a foreign country.  You’re still you, but everything feels a little different at the same time.  This inner weather is always moving around, always shifting.  Unpredictable.  The weather of three weeks ago is long forgotten, but […]

On Being the Message

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Christ / Poetry

Your body is an ambassador, a communication technology, really, and you are the Message given it to convey to the world. Right off you might assume there would be far simpler and more reliable delivery mechanisms available in the cosmos for sending Messages, but the Writer has a unique problem in that Everything She touches comes to Life… Alright, alright, shush and look here, now- it’s not a problem, it’s an Opportunity is really the best way to […]

Witnessing One’s Self

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Course Ideas

The places within us that are not yet healed, and have not yet been dissolved into the pure and guiltless and shameless and never-confounded substance of being, are like movie stars, and the events of the lives we lead the flash bulbs of a traveling horde of annoying paparazzi.  Our wounded places simply can’t avoid them—can’t get a break.  Offstage, without their make-up on, these stars just want to be left alone.  Can we not […]

A New Color of Thought

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Christ / Course Ideas / Science

I have had a longstanding interest in both science and spirituality, and since I don’t even know what these words mean anymore, let’s just call it a longstanding interest in desiring to know and understand the experience you and I have found ourselves within.  This process of coming to know has been alive within me since early days, and it has been fueled by my daily encounters with a broken world, with a self whose […]