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Christ / Poetry

Sometimes me and the boys like to go on jaunts. Get outta’ the office. Fact-finding missions what we call ’em. Get a handful of shirt, press crumpled cotton fists towards unsuspecting chins and make eyes into accusatory coals. Speak calmly while turning the place upside down to shake it for loose evidence. This will only take a moment, sir. See what coins fall out and jangle to rest on the pavement like glaring statements of […]

On the Nature of Being Lost For Good

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Christ / Course Ideas

Jesus has been known to suggest that one’s experience of our collective dream of separation is marked by an upside down, inside out view of things.  We experience Love… as bound up with our pain, or perhaps we are afraid of what Love would offer us.  We fear the things that offer us peace and eternal happiness, because of what we think they will cost us, and we are drawn into attachments with those things […]

Trending Towards Holiness

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Christ / Course Ideas

At the tail end of this last week I came down with a pretty decent sinus cold, my third in about four months.  I invite you to listen to the voices with me, some inner, some outer…  Taking vitamins?  Getting enough rest?  Gotta’ be stress-related.  Your system is weak.  You need more balance in your life.  I take [insert the product here] and I never get sick.  You should probably get more exercise.  You’re not […]