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A Dangling Becoming

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Christ / Poetry

I cling yet to the known, no longer panicked, but bemused by the early warning signs of my precipitous departure, dangling auspiciously over the side of this ledge, fingers clenching the last tufts of what has been as I hang in a state of white-knuckled longing for what will be, waving gently to and fro over all of space like a piñata awaiting the strike of some holy timber. This reluctance to all out surrender, […]

Boyhood Ontology and the Promise of Salvation

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Christ / Course Ideas

Time capsules are intriguing.  Your elementary school teacher encourages you to round up some receipts, a few movie tickets, maybe a back-of-the-envelope journal entry with your favorite candy bar or song written on it, along with a note of encouragement to your future self, and then you and your classmates shove all these notions into a box or a tube and bury it.  Kickball, the old standby, would probably have been a more thrilling recess […]

Stricken (The Descent of Grace)

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Course Ideas / Creative

This past week I was shaken by an acute pain in my heart-soul-being.  Like a fever in the body, it began as a dull ache, but ramped up into a full blown grippe.  It was an inner aching that shook me to the core.  If you have felt this, you will know the attending symptoms- the way a ghostly pallor slides over the world like a sticky film, the way we withdraw ourselves into a […]

A Heart in Bloom

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Christ / Creative

The banana yellow 1960 Impala convertible drifted to a stop about ten feet from my front porch.  The top was down and Hafiz was perched behind the steering wheel, motionless as a statue, wearing an over-sized floral shirt, an Oakland Raiders ballcap turned backwards, and a pair of mirrored sunglasses.  Near as I could tell he was staring straight down the boulevard, waiting, as if I knew what the hell was going on and would […]

The Teachings of Rubik’s Cube

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Once when I was a boy I asked my father for a Rubik’s Cube.  My wish was granted, and when I arrived home I took it out of the package and played around for a little while making small, easily recovered changes, frequently restoring the original hexi-color symmetry.  I didn’t want to lose my way back to the original, “correct” state, so I made four or five moves to “scramble” the puzzle, then put it […]

Daring to Think Competently

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Christ / Course Ideas

When I read Bucky Fuller, I tend to laugh out loud in joy at least once per page.  I’m a geek, yes- that is surely a contributing factor to this physiognomic response- but it is the joy of recognizing Bucky’s mind that really sets into motion the cascading processes that result in air being fired from my lungs in short bursts.  His writing bristles with intelligence, connection, humility and honesty.  One reason I enjoy reading […]

A Wasteland of Hidden Thoughts

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Course Ideas

Recently I convinced myself that I was in desperate need of an Inception. (I don’t know if you have seen the movie, but I hope you have.  If you have not, I have provided a summary of the relevant points at the bottom of this post.  I’ve tried not to get too carried away and engage in any wanton acts of plot spoilage…) I wanted Jesus to go into my subconscious and ride around my […]

An Inevitable and Remarkable Celebration

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Course Ideas

Imagine you are perfect Love… Do it. Formless, holy, joyous, permanent, forever giving to everything and everyone and receiving from everything and everyone in a simultaneity and a bandwidth so wondrous that synchronicity feels like slow motion black and white, forever joined with all Creation, forever fulfilling your function in only the way that you can fill it, incredibly appreciated for fulfilling your function in only the way that you can fill it, incredibly appreciative […]