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Imagine That You Are Loved

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We’re going to perform a thought experiment, Hafiz announces. What wonders to behold, I answer. (Why does he always assume that just because he wants to do experiments, I do as well?) (What irks me most is that I do, of course.) Hafiz bounces a rubber ball off of the wall and catches it with the same hand, without really even being aware that he’s done so, then holds it over his mouth like an […]

We Are That…

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Everywhere you look, everywhere your gaze lands, there the angels, carpenters, playwrights and arborists, bus drivers, tanners, rain-makers and silversmiths populate the invisible, dashing into position at the end of your glance, blossoming from time and space wherever your vision rests, hidden but present inside your every view like the blood in your own hand, just out of sight, just behind the world as it seems to be, just giving a bit of color to the […]