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No Way to Live

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It is possible, strange though it may seem, to imagine that right now is a most exquisite Love note written with you in mind, to imagine that this very moment– with all its shortcomings, flaws, minor aches and pains, pain killers, and just plain killers, the war department, the paperwork, and the miffed populace in which you’re mired– is a tactical choreography offered in the only language you yet understand, suggesting with all due respect that […]

Jawbreaker Longing

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That longing at the center of your being is Hafiz and Christ, the Buddha, ten thousand angelic beings, my mother, your great great Uncle so and so, the not so famous one, his pet Lhasa Apso Louie, along with everyone you’ve ever loved and ever will love and all their friends and neighbors plus a few party crashers and so on and so forth– hell, it may as well be Love Itself!– shouting and waving […]

Over the Edge of the World

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Christ / Poetry

A glowing vector shot across the sky, the last, illumined fragment of a shattered world, screaming in octaves of fire and dissolution. I peered into the majesty left behind, into that gathering field of stars and distances beyond measure, of potency and shimmering songs, feeling its Invitation draw the life within me to the surface the way the moon pulls the water up through stone beneath the land, the way tears rise to the surface […]

Building Up For Freedom

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Christ / Poetry

Like a thread of yarn stretched in a line flying flickering fluttering behind a thrown stone to which its utmost limit has been lashed, we fly. When the stone exhausts its given momentum and burrows into soft soil, motionless, we come crashing on after, lazily collapsing into a coiled, tangly heap, awaiting the curiosity of the next passer-by. Like this Our loving unfolds in in accordian-like phases. Stretch. Contract. Fly. Land. Wheee…! Thump. We are building […]

The Life Between the Lines

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Book Reviews

Today, for the second time in my life, I finished a Thomas Pynchon novel.  Now the hard part: how to convey the dizzying nature of this journey when all I have are snapshot memories and fragments of awoken dreams staggering around the underworld of my consciousness.  I read most of Against the Day in twenty page segments, and so it took me quite a while, but I don’t think there was a single sitting that […]

Flying in “V” Formation

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Christ / Poetry

One day the Beloved glanced over and saw me schlepping my burlap bag of memories dull dreams and weathered photos across a landscape of cars, glass bottles, and tinted-glass personalities like a lonely tortoise having a near death experience during the evening commute. Curious, She picked me up.  My legs dangled awkwardly, pumping the air in their usual slow, auto-piloted circles as if nothing had happened, as if I might still actually be plodding along, […]

States of Stress and Their Undoings

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Christ / Course Ideas

When I stepped out of the building in which I work this evening, my head seemed to have been pressed into a perfect, steaming cube– a polished alloy ingot of ordered rectilinear thoughts.  You could have bounced a laser off it.  My normally fluid mind had been sintered by the heat of prolonged concentration into a dazed ceramic.  Even my cells had conformed to the geometric demands of the day’s efforts, having tugged their cytoskeletons […]

Some Short Ones

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Creative / Poetry

If a woman walking alone in a forest experiences transfiguration, and Grace pours through every fiber of her being, does she radiate Light? Aw, geez! There I go again! Me and my non sequiturs. Does part of me really believe that beings experience transfiguration : : : alone? * * * * * Each body you see is the emanation of Holiness. The question is: do you think in terms of emanations? Or of Holiness? […]

On Being the Message

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Christ / Poetry

Your body is an ambassador, a communication technology, really, and you are the Message given it to convey to the world. Right off you might assume there would be far simpler and more reliable delivery mechanisms available in the cosmos for sending Messages, but the Writer has a unique problem in that Everything She touches comes to Life… Alright, alright, shush and look here, now- it’s not a problem, it’s an Opportunity is really the best way to […]


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How many times can one being crack open? We are walnuts in the world’s vice. Smart walnuts. The kind of walnuts that have figured out how to manufacture from within our very matrix of nuttiness the two-part epoxy of judgement and littleness, and smear it in a thin layer at every point of our periphery to keep our cracked shells welded tight. Now your normal walnuts don’t do that. No sir. They just lay on […]