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We Are One Body, One Life, One Mind

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Course Ideas / Reflections

In the Dialogues of A Course of Love, Jesus says, “Matter is simply another word for content.” This can be a challenging pill to swallow for students of A Course in Miracles, a text which (in part) aims to bring peace of mind by clarifying our confusion between what is real and what is not. We recover our access to peace by withdrawing our identification with particular forms and surrendering our identity to the changeless, […]

The Engines of Experience

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Course Ideas / Reflections

I believe a lot of interesting things, things I’ve collected along the way.  I have pages and pages of notes.  Scribblings.  Arrows and half-thoughts running up and down the margins.  Ellipses and question marks.  Coffee stains.  My life is a draft copy full of edits.  I’m always circling back– leaping from one passage to another, sifting through my notes, strengthening the narrative, discovering what was and might have been. We are revealed in the living of […]


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Christ / Course Ideas

The process of shifting identity from the false perceptions of the ego to the valid identity we all share in Christ appears, at least for me, to involve passage through states that closely resemble one or more of the following: a flock of large metal plates approaching both the speed of sound and the US Naval Artillery Rail Gun Test Range; a repeating dream in which you hike up the side of a mountain to […]


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Christ / Poetry

Illusion is a grid of two-way streets, an endless network of choices. Asphalt riddled with diesels, sirens, and street lamps. Buildings with decisions stacked up to the sky like trays of factory-laid eggs waiting for chicks. Dropped ceiling meanings.  Angled views. Helo pads on top.  A strange silence up there. What if the engine fails? Parachute racks, lightning rods and hose reels. Tightropes strung from peak to peak. Wind socks for safety and guidance. The heavy […]

A Blown Correlation

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After a day of cotton skies and bituminous questions about my fate, a gap appeared in the sky and sheets of light rained down. Leaves glowed like stained glass, the air trembled softly in the trees as it awoke from its slumber, and a butterfly took flight. Grace is like that, just a flicker of brilliance, a single data point that destroys years of careful correlations but brings the mountain into view. When I beheld […]

Sometimes I Wonder…

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Sometimes I get the feeling everything so far has been a few of us stragglers wandering around this old museum just before closing, picking up little polished stones one-by-one and pewter sculptures and moon rocks and animal claws and ivory eye sockets and a fake cutlass and playing make believe and telling each other all sorts of cute fictions about ghost conjuring and sunken ships and people who eat nails or swallow flaming swords while God has […]

Love At a Glance

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Christ / Poetry

Let us begin. The room is dark and empty, and filled with silence. Keep in mind: this is not the type of silence to which we’re accustomed, a silence that is the inverse of noise, the silence that pervades space like a Propensity For Action lying in ambush. No. This is before that type of silence. This is emptiness. It is not even a room actually. It is not even space. Space, you see, has […]

A New Kind of Rationale

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Course Ideas

During this time of Thanksgiving Holiday here in America, I had occasion to sit with friends, family, friends’ families, and family friends, to share a meal (or two).  A side effect of the modern family and its bifurcating reality is that there are Thanksgiving meals going on for the better part of the week.  I participated in or heard about gatherings taking place on just about any day of the past week and at one […]

Towards Wholeheartedness

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Course Ideas

A major theme of A Course of Love is wholeheartedness- the state wherein the heart and mind are unified.  This concept is returned to many times, but like any word, it is just a symbol on a sheet of paper until it somehow becomes our lived reality.  (That somehow would be a miracle…)  Jesus speaks about this movement to wholeheartedness as being the first and principal unification that is required, within ourselves, in order to […]