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Ideas About the Principles of Life

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Reflections / Science

One of the things I think is that the world we see is an afterimage, or representation, of an invisible one. I don’t really know the details such that I could draw them out, but I do think this. And even though there may be no objective merit to my thinking like this, it is the conception of the universe that resonates most truly with me. There are several of ways to conceive of what I’ve […]

The Lesson of the Birds

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I’m still learning the lesson of the birds. The one about sitting in the cover of spruce needles wearing the colors of fire and not questioning my birdness. Just letting it happen. Not questioning the tides of daylight and nightfall that inhabit me, that rinse my memory clean of silt and jagged edges and leave me singing about sitting in the cover of spruce needles wearing the colors of fire. I’m still learning that lesson […]

Song, Uninterrupted.

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One day recently I stepped outside into a hive of birdsong.  The sun was filtering down between the branches of trees at the edge of the yard, and the birds were dotted amongst the boughs, positioned instinctively behind leaf and shadow.  It was like entering a Bev Doolittle painting that had come to life.  Soprano spirals curled into the air, sounds that had been scribbled by the practiced hand of a master, as if Matisse […]