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As In Writing, So in Life

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Course Ideas / Reflections

Writing fiction well is intractably difficult. You begin with maybe one or two bricks at the ready, stand facing an unruly forest that is neither for nor against you, but possesses all the density and might of any previously uncontested wilderness, and you are armed only with the vague feeling that a Taj Mahal-like structure of beauty and possibility is alive inside you. There really is no way to know where to place the first […]

The Moon Is On Fire

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The place itself, the physical structure, was  built to produce a return.  It’s all right angles and flashing from a tube, inoperable windows, and two-tone exterior panels of artificial masonry.  But it’s where we do it.  Each morning we drive in from all points of the compass to the center, gathering together as befits us, to produce work.  That’s the key, really.  To produce work.  To offer something up.  The flimsy walls don’t matter.  The […]

Going Nowhere In a Hurry

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Barreling down life’s asphalt highway in a vehicle of some description– a modern coup of surface rocketry whose every line represents the fulfillment of computerized crash-testing and the collected fall-out of Greek ideas, gathered like a powder, fired in the furnace of time and sculpted into the shape of silent, diving falcons– a machine built for catapulting over the ground in space-blurring borings through wind and air that leave behind a shimmering, perfectly tubular quiet […]