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Two Pieces

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Welcome Home Everywhere you go, silence follows. Peace and quiet have this down to a science. They send out their tails to watch and record everything that happens while you’re out there looking for that certain something someone somewhat somewhere– trying to get better. They blend in undercover and look like exactly what’s happening. They’re armed with technology. Don’t look for them, though. This isn’t the time for paranoia. Just be prepared: when you do […]

Back to Basics

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I came in the door grunting like a bison with four empty stomachs and a calf at home with a head cold, dragged a toe on the threshold and nearly sent five half-shredded bags of heart healthy fruits and vegetables two bottles of heart healthy wine a heart healthy dark chocolate bar and a glass bottle of the most perfect most heart healthy cold-pressed olive oil Mother Nature could produce shooting across the floor in […]

Every Step of the Way…

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This post is part of the Time Machine Blogging Challenge hosted by Linda Litebeing… When I reflect on my life, the realization that emerges is that I’ve been guided in ways both more subtle and far-reaching than I would have imagined were possible in the moments when I was grappling around within the question of it.  That’s not to say my past isn’t peppered with opportunities to have lived differently.  There’s a business or two that didn’t […]

Unity and Relationship

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Course Ideas

A little over a week ago Linda nominated this blog for an award, and being Award Free here I graciously declined but expressed my appreciation for the recognition.  Linda’s intent was clear and heartfelt, however, and revolved around expanding relationships and the threads of connection in this virtual realm.  I felt I wanted to honor the intention in some fashion.  So, I’ve been thinking since then off and on about relationship in general, and the […]

Any Way They Can

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I can’t work like this, I muttered. (I get emotional sometimes around beings of the most radiant candor– the ones who tell you like it is without even moving their lips, who shatter whole lifetimes of log-jammed feelings with a kind of glimmering eye thing and an emanating peace that sneaks up on you like a heated seat, a peace that feels as though it’s backstopped by a battalion of compassionate mountain lions who keep […]

Choking on Gristled Thoughts

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Sometimes Life is like you’re standing on a crowded street, oblivious to everything but a chunk of gristle encrusted steak of an idea of who you should be being that you’re politely chewing for years on end– years and years and years, utterly distracted, like it’s an antidote, like you’re a cat encumbered by a wad of something gooey and medicinal the vet jammed deep in your cheek just out of reach of the jawbone’s […]

Relinquishing Difficulty

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Christ / Course Ideas

Recent events in my life served the function of popping the vacuum sealed lid of a small glass jar of fear I had been carrying around in my coat pocket.  I smacked dab into some real world events—moments of indeterminate outcome surrounded by a steadily gathering mob of foreboding consequences—and you could hear the audible inrush of air as the jar was pried open.  Out spilled vestiges of a future I had sworn to abandon, […]

Turtle Talk

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I was sitting on the squishy bottom of a short stack of water about three feet tall, beneath a full sun, fully clothed, buttons made up, with little bubbles hiding out in my eyelashes, watching a fish watch me back through the grass, thinking about the strange economies of tadpoles and turtles, wondering what that brewing pain was inside of my chest, as I was somehow temporarily without my memory of the direct effects of […]

A Desert, A Being, and a Need

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A self is a heavy burden to carry with you across the desert. Despite being invisible and weightless in principle, it is the often overlooked, but necessary battery of accoutrements that are required to render the self manifest and functional that take their toll. There is the steamer trunk full of historical data, for instance, with its rather robust coefficient of sliding friction across the hot sand– the modern take on an old classic, a […]