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A Few Prognostications

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I’m not really prophet material, but how do you know if you don’t try…? Right…? (Lots of forced, intensely preparatory meditative breaths.) (Some swearing in confused frustration.) (And then…!) A few early warning signs Heaven on Earth is about to pull into the driveway: The number of trumpet players per capita starts feeling like a metric that can no longer be ignored. It starts to make intuitive sense why everything is so beautiful. Professional sports teams […]

The Function of Fir Trees

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A line of fir trees have taken up watch, wooden and resolute, their tips a Gaussian congregation of navy black steeples hung upon a night sky so clear and cold you remember what it’s like to open your door and venture out into an endless, moaning whistle that has frozen into place. The trees– they are like loaded questions, sentries of the borealis pantomiming secrets you can guess at if you pay attention to the way their […]

The Gift of Silence

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We can’t be happy, Hafiz says, until we discover we’re not who we think we are. Then he leans near, whispers… So… how are we going to pull that off? I think he’s going somewhere with this. I can’t help myself: I’m grinning like the operator of a prison search light who’s secretly pulling for the inmates to escape and run riot, waiting for my Friend’s next words to bust through the cell block wall and stride […]