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A Perfect Day

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Yesterday was perfect. After three months my best short story yet was rejected twice in the span of an hour via form letters of compensatory encouragement, which must mean I’m getting somewhere, in between which I used a shabby putter to sink two twelve footers in a row down the cubicle aisle. We made some jokes together and we laughed. We had to hazard a guess about how much natural gas will cost in three years, which […]

Rising Seas

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Something is happening but I can’t see what it is, because the day sky is an impenetrable scattering of color, and the night sky is too deep to see the bottom.  The moon isn’t a reliable reference either, because it’s just one point, and clearly an outlier.  You can’t leverage it at all.  Though the particulars are being worked out, I still take comfort in this vague arrival– in its presence– whatever it is. I […]

A Peculiar Brand of Holiness

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To the spotlight operator, it’s just another night.  Another show.  Another transient gathering of pinstripe suits, twinkling diamonds, and feathered boas.  They come in from all over the world, glittering and polished, to stand time still for a flickering hour, to bask in the unknown and the unpredictable, to say they were there, to hobnob beneath the halogens.  For a brief moment, nothing else will matter, as everyone’s power is handed in to the performance, […]

The Moon Is On Fire

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The place itself, the physical structure, was  built to produce a return.  It’s all right angles and flashing from a tube, inoperable windows, and two-tone exterior panels of artificial masonry.  But it’s where we do it.  Each morning we drive in from all points of the compass to the center, gathering together as befits us, to produce work.  That’s the key, really.  To produce work.  To offer something up.  The flimsy walls don’t matter.  The […]

Buddhas Everywhere

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A mind enamored of its own disguise cannot see all the imminent Buddhas– the ones stationed everywhere it looks. The Ones everywhere it can’t quite see. (Stop here for a moment and take a look around.) (Do you see?) A mind convinced of its own fabrications cannot imagine that experience itself is an omni-sided doorway– a passage to every form of grace. A passage to every glory, seated in circles. (Don’t worry where, just imagine… that you […]


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A lawn bordered by backlit trees, and a sun pouring forth on the matters of this age. Such consistency in the face of my impromptu madness. The smattering of robins working through the yard understand exactly what the sun is saying. Their curious heads turn in silent clicks from one world to the next. Some have scruffy necks and perform shutter-speed calculations. They all have Open, upturned eyes. Open. I’m catching on. The quality of […]