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High Fidelity Stillness

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Course Ideas

My unfolding as a being has undergone a few prompt jumps in self-expression.  In the 1990 time frame I went from viewing rock music as one of the influences most likely to lead to my destruction– in the same category as cigarettes, underage drinking, and not doing your homework– to buying Nirvana’s record Nevermind.  And feeling somehow holy about it.  It was auspicious.  The lightning I had anticipated failed to strike.  It takes all of thirty […]


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I’m slowly losing track of who I was. The other day it hit me: somewhere there’s a body running around with my name on it, leading a committee probably or picking fruit from a scissor lift or counting inventory on aisle 5.  Giving directions to strangers from the street corners of cities whose names won’t mean anything to you or I, or anyone living for that matter. Just laddy-dah, hands in his pockets, whistlin’ away. […]

Accessing the Heart

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Christ / Course Ideas

I have been away for awhile- took some much needed vacation and time for retreat with loved ones and enjoyed a string of days whose “purpose” was unspoken for in advance.  It never seems to fail that the re-immersion into the world of our everyday needs and demands is a challenging re-entry, and that is part of what lies behind this post…  Although, to be fair, the repeated need for movement from disconnectedness to connectedness […]