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High Fidelity Stillness

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Course Ideas

My unfolding as a being has undergone a few prompt jumps in self-expression.  In the 1990 time frame I went from viewing rock music as one of the influences most likely to lead to my destruction– in the same category as cigarettes, underage drinking, and not doing your homework– to buying Nirvana’s record Nevermind.  And feeling somehow holy about it.  It was auspicious.  The lightning I had anticipated failed to strike.  It takes all of thirty […]

Becoming a Natural Law

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The laws of nature have received quite a bit of coverage over the years, and rightly so.  In their silent immutability, there is no example more powerful in all the land of indomitability- of accomplishment freed from the constraint of effort, of action freed from the morass of choice, of character freed from the question of evolution and learning. Let me just say it: in my heart of hearts, I want to live as purely, […]