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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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This poem comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right. Here it is, in fact: Your Everlasting Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. In case you’re wondering already– (you haven’t even read the poem yet for Pete’s sake!)– what type of compensation you receive should you find by some law-bending fluke of nature that you’re a twinge dissatisfied at the end of this, I’ll tell you that, too. Anticipating such a question, the Beloved has written the Answer upon an infinitude of hearts, […]

Spontaneous Revelations

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Christ / Course Ideas

In A Course of Love, Jesus notes that “the animation of form with spirit is an ongoing aspect of Creation.”  He says this is not a timebound dynamic.  This is every moment.  It was there at the Beginning.  It is there right now.  It will always be there.  It is what is happening…  Spirit is peeking out at us right now from behind and within everything, including the stale self-concepts I jam like boulders into […]