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Confounded by Love

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For Christmas this year I received a copy of George Saunders’ collection of short stories entitled Tenth of December.  I had never heard of Saunders before, and didn’t know what to expect, but the giver of this gift– an inspiring young man securing his MFA in film directing with whom I’ve been known to occasionally watch Celtics games, make an Indian food run, or share a conversation in support of a draft screenplay in which […]

The Start of Something New

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I remember once when I was in third grade, sitting at a wooden desk in my bedroom and writing some kind of story on the sheets of a yellow legal pad that was more than loosely based on the Ewoks.  I don’t remember the plot now- I just remember sitting down and doing it.  Return of the Jedi made a large impression on me.  What can I say? I think in the fifth grade, with […]