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I’m Not Big on Conspiracies, But…

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I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but, man when your heart becomes a field of grinning beings pulling rubies out of a passed hat and, there that goddamned magnificent moon is staring you down with a pregnant candor that makes rocks moan in their sockets and try to sneak you answers to the question of your existence, and all this with the whole domed sky watching, I do grant you there’s a certain bald logic to keeping on […]

Turtle Talk

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I was sitting on the squishy bottom of a short stack of water about three feet tall, beneath a full sun, fully clothed, buttons made up, with little bubbles hiding out in my eyelashes, watching a fish watch me back through the grass, thinking about the strange economies of tadpoles and turtles, wondering what that brewing pain was inside of my chest, as I was somehow temporarily without my memory of the direct effects of […]

Sky Healing

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Christ / Poetry

There’s a poverty I sometimes settle into, a clawing for connection. It’s a painful question that picks me out of the world’s line-up of chiefs and princetains, captains and raconteurs, the divas and the daring, and squares me up for examination. Him. He’s hiding something for sure– a limp of some sort, a wound that hasn’t healed, one eye that betrays him with its flickering tic, a slow, creeping failing he strives to ignore. Protectiveness […]

Thank You Very Much

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Christ / Poetry

The simplest awareness is like this: an ocean. And then: Waves. Rhythm, or Wind. Light, translucence, and the empty sky. You and I, arising. This is all that has ever been. Hidden from view, a moon is cracked open– its yolk plopped into the ferment. Illusion is endorsement of the sensation that something Happened, and it stuck, and now we need to find out what It was. It is the locally embodied transient intoxicating ramshackle belief […]