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Course Ideas / Reflections

Our world is being stretched. The tightened skin becomes translucent. It’s like a magic trick, only the illusion is punctured instead of unfurled. What’s really there can no longer be hidden. The make-up is sloughing off. It’s challenging, but clearly it’s needed. We have far to fall. But the ground is close. As close as we make it. That’s because the ground is us. We are the ones who will catch each other. Not the […]

A Review of Lincoln in the Bardo

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Book Reviews

This morning I finished George Saunders’ novel Lincoln in the Bardo, which I greatly enjoyed. I enjoyed it not only for the quick flecks of prose that struck like the tongue of a benevolent snake; not only for the scenes of the self-evinced departed rummaging through their own private psychoses, e.g. the Bardo; not only for the utterly imaginative mechanisms and rules of the in-between to which they clung; but for the manner in which […]

The Arc of Being

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Course Ideas / Reflections

The other morning on the ride to work, I heard a story on Maine Public Radio about the various preachers that would be offering a prayer at the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. The report made it clear that several of the individuals were known for teaching the “Prosperity Gospel,” which apparently is the idea that earthly success may be interpreted as a symbol, or perhaps even an outcome, of divine favor. This idea is so pernicious […]

On Being the Message

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Christ / Poetry

Your body is an ambassador, a communication technology, really, and you are the Message given it to convey to the world. Right off you might assume there would be far simpler and more reliable delivery mechanisms available in the cosmos for sending Messages, but the Writer has a unique problem in that Everything She touches comes to Life… Alright, alright, shush and look here, now- it’s not a problem, it’s an Opportunity is really the best way to […]

A New Color of Thought

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Christ / Course Ideas / Science

I have had a longstanding interest in both science and spirituality, and since I don’t even know what these words mean anymore, let’s just call it a longstanding interest in desiring to know and understand the experience you and I have found ourselves within.  This process of coming to know has been alive within me since early days, and it has been fueled by my daily encounters with a broken world, with a self whose […]

Something Beyond Thinking Right

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Christ / Course Ideas

The Truth is True.  That we can say for sure.  Beyond that, it gets kind of prickly.  Consider, for instance… …when a being who has latched onto a thought that is out of accord with the Truth is enjoying a period of relative satisfaction, expansion, and accomplishment in the world, it might be noted by some that things are going well, and concluded by others that a general condition of harmony must therefore reign in […]

Obstacles to Choosing Love

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Christ / Course Ideas

One of the more challenging topics for me to write about recently was the topic of suffering, and the idea that what Jesus describes as “the choice of love” can end suffering.  It was challenging because I could anticipate resistance to this idea, even as I wrote about it.  I could anticipate potentially alienating a reader or two, (and when you have three readers, all of whom you value dearly, this is indeed a risk), […]


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The surest sign you have once again been snookered by unreality is that you find yourself in an all too familiar position- crouched down behind a waist-high swath of shrubbery, sweating, heart pounding, vision tunneled, thinking you’re about to pull a fast one and nobody else will know. Take caution in such moments. You are being set up. Silence is irresistible bait. You tremble inside of it with anticipation, blinded by possibility, while the One […]

You Could Join Us…

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Christ / Poetry

If you haven’t tried everything yet, by all means keep trying. That is, if there is still something you wish to say or do that seems it might just be the thing to establish the veracity of your special amazing carefully hidden sparkling inner superhero identity- the one only you really understand, the one you feel that you and you alone must forge in the fires of your achievement and then quench in your cool […]

Coming Undone – An Encounter with Specialness

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Christ / Course Ideas

This week I have felt particularly troubled, and perhaps some elements of my experience are worth sharing in at least a general sense.  Maybe in the sharing others can benefit.  Maybe in the sharing I will better understand what has taken place. Unlearning can at times be deeply challenging, as if you are pitted in a wrestling match for your own soul.  In A Course in Miracles Jesus describes the way in which the ego […]