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Whatever This Is…

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Christ / Poetry

For a time it was vitally important that I witness the sunset, that I look up from whatever act of commerce or gastronomy had caught my attention that day and look west, to pause and listen to far away places that seemed, for just a moment, to pour through the offices of my heart in fleeting snippets of a cosmic dialect. That was the moment, the precise time to say it: whatever this is… I […]

Heart Songs

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Christ / Poetry

At dusk, a colorwheel sky. It is yellow-green to the west. Overhead, a dimming into blue. The day’s earlier torrent of photons has reduced to a trickle. The last of them bounce through the atmosphere and, without any pressure behind them, scatter. Far away, the spigot has been shut– eclipsed by the rim of a spinning world. One by one, they are absorbed. Heeded. Listened to, like sacred whispers. In some cases, become flesh. The […]