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A Few Policy Changes

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There’s a new policy in heaven I wish to discuss. Instead of a life review, they set you out in a meadow full of this special grass that tickles your feet incessantly— a meadow with songbirds full of mirth and wit that line up in the sky to land on your shoulder one after another and offer a joke or a poem before disappearing altogether… Oh—! …and of tornadoes that swoop through sporadically, thunderous, crashing […]

What Was That?

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Every once in a while reality gets in a mood. Wants to bust up the ice. Show us our options. Get the lead out. Crumple up history into a ball. Rubs its hands together. Blows on the dice. Not for luck. Oh no. The devoted– the ones alone in the gym before daylight about to shoot their five hundred free throws– they do the same. Twirl the world in their hands. Breathe deep. Visualize it. […]