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Some would say that faith is like a padded suit you put on because you’re too scared to face the obvious reality that your life is a swift, knee-scuffing blood-curdling tumble down a steep and rock-strewn escarpment towards the waiting gaping dark, ugly and hungry empty irreversible vacuum-powered inescapable abyss of non-existence. You’re afraid to die, they say. Some of those same ones would say there’s a real sweetness to the glimpses of wild flowers […]

Beyond Ethics. Beyond Temptation. Beyond Suffering. (Part 3)

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Course Ideas

Nearly fifteen years ago I took a six month class on the life and teachings of Walter Russell.  (If you don’t know of Walter, it is worth taking a moment to scan this quick bio.)  Walter was an amazing person, (like you and I), who among other things created a home study course entitled A Course in Cosmic Consciousness.  The group in which I participated met once a month for an eight hour session to […]

Beyond Ethics. Beyond Temptation. Beyond Suffering. (Part 2)

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Course Ideas

One of the aspects of reading A Course of Love that I really enjoyed, aside from the feeling it evoked of having Love itself shovel coal into the furnace of my heart deep into the night, was the string of observations Jesus made about this experience we’re having as personal beings.  Paragraph after paragraph, Jesus tells us about who we are, in ways he couldn’t have known, unless he’s been in there…  through doubt, through […]