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The Feminine Science of Water, Part 5

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Reflections / Science

To close this series on water and the notion of a feminine science, I want to note that a fundamental element of such a science would be an appreciation that the Unknown is the true subject of study. The beauty and power of Life is not what it displays—the parts and mechanisms we can codify—but what it reveals. What it reveals is the content of the Unknown, and this is as true of water as […]

Where Every Road Leads

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Christ / Course Ideas / Science

I’m not so naive as to think I fully understand my own beliefs and feelings, nor to assume they form an exactly rational system when laid bare by attempts at explanation.  But in making the effort, I discover things– inconsistencies in thought, many of them delightful(!); powerful feelings that cannot be explained, yet explain much; ineffable inner realms I realize are part and parcel to who I am; or the existence of ideas operating one […]

A Dangling Becoming

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Christ / Poetry

I cling yet to the known, no longer panicked, but bemused by the early warning signs of my precipitous departure, dangling auspiciously over the side of this ledge, fingers clenching the last tufts of what has been as I hang in a state of white-knuckled longing for what will be, waving gently to and fro over all of space like a piñata awaiting the strike of some holy timber. This reluctance to all out surrender, […]

The Sun’s Secret

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Creative / Poetry

A man arose early with the sun. He slipped from the bed, leaving his darling wife to rest. His two daughters were dreaming peacefully in the rooms beside. The dog padded beside him, excited and curious about his master’s early appearance. The man’s life was a cocoon of warmth. The center of his mind was an offering. But today he paced the kitchen, looking to the East, into the brilliant glow of morning, and he […]