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On New Life

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I have, for most of my life, been curious about the creation of a better world. When I think about what this world could be, it comes with feelings of wonder and happiness that are quite the opposite of the guilt and grief that attend the world as we have known it. I think these feelings are related to the sensation of things working out. Or perhaps more accurately, of things having already worked out. […]

Use It or Lose It…

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I wrote recently about thought systems, and then I got to thinking… There’s a prevalent concept in our still predominate worldview that goes like this, “Use it.  Or Lose it.”  Use the budget allocation your department has been given within the current fiscal year, or it will be taken away.  Use your bicep to lift hunks of metal once or twice a week until your arm is burning like a sonuvagun, or it will atrophy.  […]