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On the Possibility of Unity

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There are periods in our lives when we make decisions with far-reaching implications. Doing nothing is hardly an option, and a few fundamental choices must be made that establish a line of action for the years to come. Deciding what you would like to study, do for work, or explore in life are examples of these decisions, but an even more important one is deciding what sources of information you will trust, or at least […]

Creation of the New (a.k.a. Muck-Wading)

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Several posts I read this week raised a similar question about the New: what would it look like to you?  What would it feel like?  Who would we be?  I wrote in one response that it seemed to me we would trust one another and all that is around us— meaning the heart of the world itself—in a very deep way.  Then I went out and lived the type of week that made my musings […]

Jesus. Christ. Systems Thinker…

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Jesus is, among other things, a systems thinker.  Throughout A Course in Miracles he reminds us that one of his goals is to help us change our thought system, an approach to healing that he extends beautifully in A Course of Love wherein he invites us to consider that we have arrived, and left the ego behind, but may still be prone to move about in old patterns.  He asks us to consider abandoning those […]