Month: October 2013

Two Beings on a Wire

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Wings aflutter, like a curious dart connecting invisible dots across the sky, a collage of frozen frames- a beak, a wingtip, an eye- excerpted from whirling Possibility, a solitary thrush comes in for a landing on a crackling braid of steel, a stranded iron dance hall populated by troupe after troupe of Hertzian dervishes, a fire brigade of magnetic flowers opening, blooming, and then collapsing into electric echoes. Twenty stories above the desert floor, head […]

The First Step…

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Christ / Course Ideas

The first step in accepting your True nature is to look up from what you are doing, to disengage from the volition that you have become, to take one step back from the thread of responsibility and longing to which you are responding, and consider that the space into which you have stepped is more real, more alive, and more “you” than any place you have previously occupied.  There is no encounter or situation in […]

Not a Choice At All…

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Christ / Course Ideas

Sometimes we lose sight of the sheer unprecedentedness of our awareness.  We are aware.  It’s a worthy subject of reflection.  Some would say, perhaps, that at one point in “time” there was no such thing as awareness, and somewhere along the way, there was.  Thinking this way causes my neurons to enter states of quantum superposition… and get stuck.  I can imagine unawareness, somehow.  As if it existed, and maybe still exists.  I know that […]

Boyhood Ontology and the Promise of Salvation

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Christ / Course Ideas

Time capsules are intriguing.  Your elementary school teacher encourages you to round up some receipts, a few movie tickets, maybe a back-of-the-envelope journal entry with your favorite candy bar or song written on it, along with a note of encouragement to your future self, and then you and your classmates shove all these notions into a box or a tube and bury it.  Kickball, the old standby, would probably have been a more thrilling recess […]


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Christ / Poetry

You… Is that you? Inside of me? I can feel you passing from one world to the next, the way the sun passes between the days, with shadows fleeing from the brilliance. I go about my day.  You go about yours. We are entangled without intersection. What do you call this superposition? I looked but you were gone. I saw moonlight beaming on a field of curled grass and a wooden hatch- another one of […]

Obstacles to Choosing Love

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Christ / Course Ideas

One of the more challenging topics for me to write about recently was the topic of suffering, and the idea that what Jesus describes as “the choice of love” can end suffering.  It was challenging because I could anticipate resistance to this idea, even as I wrote about it.  I could anticipate potentially alienating a reader or two, (and when you have three readers, all of whom you value dearly, this is indeed a risk), […]


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Heartsense is neither commonsense, nor nonsense.  It has a logic, but it’s not the type that requires premises or grammar.  Its a logic that bubbles up once in a while inside of you and leaves you smirking at the sky, chuckling, another long held supposition put paid by a delicious ‘Aha!’ It goes something like this: I was mistaken, and I’m not happy about it, but it was so delicious to be found out.  These […]

The Brotherhood for the Preservation of the Mundane

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Some days I am more afflicted by my view of history than others.  What I mean by my view of history is the set of instructions, assumptions, patterns and perceptions that I have agglomerated within myself, that I carry around tucked inside of me like a bolus of half-eaten horsecrap, portions of which I take out and mentally deconstruct from time to time, but which I have yet to moreorless rear back and hurl like […]