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Heartsense is neither commonsense, nor nonsense.  It has a logic, but it’s not the type that requires premises or grammar.  Its a logic that bubbles up once in a while inside of you and leaves you smirking at the sky, chuckling, another long held supposition put paid by a delicious ‘Aha!’

It goes something like this: I was mistaken, and I’m not happy about it, but it was so delicious to be found out.  These paradoxes are really starting to piss me off.  Heartsense is unperturbed, however, being fully versed in the commutative property of paradoxes.  Heartsense can add and subtract them, multiply them together, divide them, balance the infinite with a single particle of light, juxtapose a cloudless sky with a fleeting quantum of thought, and pull beauty out of the ashes with aplomb.

If our problem is ego, and the body, and this world based on lack, limitation and our generally polluted concepts of a self- what are we doing here?  Surely, if we ‘got it’, we’d be happily purring along somewhere else, with all the other ‘people’ who figured this stuff out already.  And yet we’re told- you have it…  This is the type of madness that requires a heartsense kind of answer…  Break me open…

Here is a corollary: if we’re wrong about this place, and everything is truly great here but we just don’t know it, then how come everyone who gets bit by the enlightenment mosquito seems to bug out?  You see what I mean?  Not that I encourage this sort of thing, but… have you seen the news lately???

To which Jesus replies after a bit of overdone throat-clearing, please point to a moment- EVER- in which we have been apart.  Why do you insist on dreaming about worlds where you exist without me?  And what makes you think you’ve ever actually succeeded in this deception?

Aha!  Aha!  Aha!

Heartsense…  A little goes a long way in this place.

Biggest mistake in Creation was the failure to bottle the stuff…

(To which Jesus replies, who said all bottles are made of glass?  Or that everything bottled is sold?)

(Heartsense.  It’s what’s inside.  Of everything.)


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