Month: April 2015


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So… Jesus and I are taking a little break. You have to set boundaries. have to have to have to have to My side is like this: after a couple of fervent decades during which time I was strung out on mantras, kale juice, free range chicken egg beaters, galactically resonating yoga poses, tantric how-to illustration books, and uncompromising techniques of detachment, I turned the cracked pavement corner of my block to square up my […]

A Toothache

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I used to think the very act of coming out to this frontier town, to this slat-walled refuge set down in the wild light and crooning darkness, would be sufficient. A proof of concept. Like I could purchase everlasting freedom with an act of unexpected boldness. Without thinking it per se, I believed that after packing just my necessaries and lashing them down, selling the house and the grandfather clock, then riding west across creaking leagues […]


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Once Hafiz and I were walking along the beach beneath a violet sky that had gathered around a glowing sliver of the moon, speaking existentially about sunken barques drift wood hand-carved initials and the audacity of the ruffled tulip, when the pounding surf whistling winds and rush of mad-honking gulls tripped a lever inside of my famished organs of persona. I was suddenly swimming in the need to give my whole life away, to tear […]

Two Thoughts

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I Jesus is my breath. He is the blood in my veins, the white of my bones, and the thoughts of my heart. He is the stones in the ground, the birds in the field, and the wood drifting down the river. Behind the wincing in thieves, the sighs of politicians, and the crackling static of the sherriff’s radio when no one is near, you will find him. He is the root, the marrow, the […]

Beings Overflowing

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There is a being inside of me, perpetually spilling over the banks– One whose color I cannot name, whose voice patterns the sky with tender pulsations. I, myself, cannot direct the geese, but the One inside of me points the way. Whisking through a cold half-light, each feathered movement unerring in its answer to the previous, they glide from one world into the next and back again in one full beat of their wings. When I […]

Grinding Down

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Christ / Course Ideas

I haven’t picked up A Course of Love for a while, but picked it up again the other day and flipped to a “random” section.  I ended up opening to a page that was late in the Treatise on the Personal Self, which is a section of the Course describing the way in which the personal self becomes a living representation of the True Self—the latter being the identity we all share in unity.  Through […]

The Cheering Section

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Three frogs were sitting together under a newspaper watching the typhoon of unnecessary human ordeals roll across the sky from one side to the other like an entire model year of locomotives wrestling for the glory. It was Fantastic. Thunderous. Unpredictable. Insane. And I was in that sky– whirling, pounding, placating, admonishing, wounding, encouraging, listening, stinging, consoling, worrying, wishing, dashing, leaping. Suffering, basically, all the madness of that turbulent fury. What I eventually noticed, in a […]

The Conclusions of Our Chief Investigator

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What I saw was a line of smoke scribed upon the sky in a confident hand, like the swift first streak of an artist’s signature. This was not some willy-nilly scribble of carbonized particulates. No. Graphical in nature, the arc was infused with information. It was an ember-tipped flourish that induced a state of euphoric anticipation in the mind of every beholder– a clear-slated readiness for whatever might come next. Spontaneous genuflections and the unconscious recitation […]