Beings Overflowing

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There is a being
inside of me,
spilling over
the banks–
whose color
I cannot name,
whose voice
patterns the sky
with tender pulsations.

I, myself, cannot
direct the geese,
but the One
inside of me
points the way.
Whisking through
a cold half-light,
each feathered movement
unerring in its answer
to the previous,
they glide
from one world
into the next
and back again
in one full beat
of their wings.

When I listen like this,
I realize there is a being
inside of the being
inside of me,
another One floating
to the surface,
and One inside
of that One.
I am a fountain
of beings,
all overflowing,
all watching together,
none of us quite sure how it’s happening:
two geese,
with their wingtips,
are painting the sky
with moonlight.


    • Thank you, Trini! I love the image of those geese, too. Their flight is so meaningful, a zooming through the space of thought…



  1. Wow Michael. Delightful ideas and imagery with beings inside of beings, tumbling forward, painting the sky. Endless directions one could take this treatise. Thanks for stirring my soul and my imagination.

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  2. Lovely, and very inspiring – so nice to hear you speak of your inner self and be in tune and in harmony with it, and then magnifying that self-acceptance to the many wonderful layers of the many inner “self”s that make up the wonderful exterior known as YOU. Peace, Harlon

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  3. Michael , …your words so rhythmic with such a lovely liturgical feel …” and One inside of that One ” reminding me of ” I am the I am ” from the Bible …. I want to be with you in that ” fountain of beings ” at the end of the day …so lovely my heart swells …thank you dear friend ….love , megxxx

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    • Meg, I love your earnest, beautiful honesty… You are already in the fountain of beings, and I am so very grateful for your arising there…

      Much Love

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  4. Wonderful poem Michael. Geese are fascinating birds, we can learn much from them.. Loved your lines..
    “I realize there is a being inside of the being inside of me, another One floating to the surface, and One inside of that One.”

    Yes we are Many, all merging, some learning to fly, some gliding along, while others are still felxing their wings learning to take off and take to the sky..

    Keep Soaring.. For you are Way up there 🙂
    Blessings Sue

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  5. I love the fountain of being that runneth over! I also appreciate your putting words to spaces devoid of language – so that we can all agree to meet there in silence 🙂


    • Thanks, M! I think perhaps it takes a whole fountain of beings, boiled down to its rarest essence, to sustain a single human… 🙂


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    • Ka! Thank you for your note, and for lending your sight within sight. We are, like the geese, navigating by mystery… 🙂

      Much Love

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