Month: February 2016

We Are There, Yet…

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This is the part we’re at.  This one. We want to ask if we’re there yet, but it’s not clear who we should ask.  Who should we ask?  These days it feels a little like if you’re asking the question, you’re probably on the list of people most likely to give a decent answer.  And what do we mean by there, anyway?  Anyone?  My favorite part of all this is that we know exactly what […]

Flying Dreaming Loving

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The dream is unobtrusive, glowing where no one can see it, following beside me but deep in the ground, visible only by looking straight down through the center of myself, from the inside of my senses.  It’s a thought immune to the semi-annual dental check-ups, the unsolicited catalogs that arrive in the mail, the bouts of automotive repair and immune system reconfiguration, and the dangerous lines of cars queueing behind plow trucks that plod along […]

The Politics of Acceptance

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Course Ideas

It’s that time again here in the US. I’m increasingly confronted by discussions of politics.  They’re coming into the home, the office, the car.  Through the heating system, the mail slot, and the grocery bags.  And why not?  We’re saturated by it right now.  The incredible hype of the hero and the villain, the opportunity and the impasse, the failures and the victories.  The righteous, the confused, the willing, and the maligned.  The pasts, the […]

The Staggering Depth of Silence

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Eternity sometimes feels like a boundless readiness coiled up and squashed into every point there is, like a swoop of clowns hidden inside a mote of pixie dust that’s hovering in the air just a foot or two in front of your left eye, all of them banging on the glass and reciting plays and brewing antidotes and tuning chainsaws and singing scales and lighting firecrackers and twitching with anticipation in there, just waiting on […]

The Times In Between

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Creative / Reflections

“There are these moments, Hafiz, when it feels like Life called a thirty-second time-out or something.  Do you know what I mean?  Like when you’re getting ready for work, and you’re five minutes too early.  Or you show up to the store, but it’s not open for another couple minutes.  What are you going to do with five empty minutes?” Hafiz and I were drift-hopping through the moon’s first arboretum like tired helium balloons caught in […]

A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

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Christ / Reflections

I happened upon Barbara’s site a few weeks ago when she was mulling over the idea of a second round of Awakening Experiences, and told her I would like to participate.  Then I promptly disappeared into the marrow of my life for a few weeks.  She pinged me with a reminder last week sometime and asked if I was still willing, and wondered if I would take February 2nd.  I chuckled at her unsolicited selection, […]