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And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

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After a day of you gotta’ be kiddin’ me and please listen to the following menu of options before making your selection, I sat on the couch with one knee up– one arm dangling off it like I could give a damn– and eyeballed the Flyers in a must win game.  I eventually slid down the hill of one day I’m gonna’ teach this world a lesson and drifted off to sleep, only to find myself […]

A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

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Christ / Reflections

I happened upon Barbara’s site a few weeks ago when she was mulling over the idea of a second round of Awakening Experiences, and told her I would like to participate.  Then I promptly disappeared into the marrow of my life for a few weeks.  She pinged me with a reminder last week sometime and asked if I was still willing, and wondered if I would take February 2nd.  I chuckled at her unsolicited selection, […]

Breaking Free

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If the premonitions of being that scythe through your soul’s back forty all day like shadowy pendulums hung from a pivot so insanely near to the nodal origins of your existence that it’s a perpetually mild discomfort to your otherwise undistracted mind cause you to tremble, take a quick, nervous breath and brace for impact, dive towards an embankment, spontaneously recite procedures for exiting sunken cars, or climb the stairs of tall buildings to burden […]

A Few Policy Changes

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There’s a new policy in heaven I wish to discuss. Instead of a life review, they set you out in a meadow full of this special grass that tickles your feet incessantly— a meadow with songbirds full of mirth and wit that line up in the sky to land on your shoulder one after another and offer a joke or a poem before disappearing altogether… Oh—! …and of tornadoes that swoop through sporadically, thunderous, crashing […]

Disarmament (Part 4)

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Christ / Creative / Fiction

This is Part 4 of 5.  One more to go…  Part 1 is here, if you wish to start at the beginning. * * * * * He must have gone for help, the little junco, because when I awoke there were two of them.  One on my side of the window, inspecting the sill– making those erratic steps that come in packs of four or five– and the other one outside, moving only its […]

A Blown Correlation

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After a day of cotton skies and bituminous questions about my fate, a gap appeared in the sky and sheets of light rained down. Leaves glowed like stained glass, the air trembled softly in the trees as it awoke from its slumber, and a butterfly took flight. Grace is like that, just a flicker of brilliance, a single data point that destroys years of careful correlations but brings the mountain into view. When I beheld […]


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I’m a vein of flickering ore woven through undisturbed rock, a compacted silence. I’m the tunnel winding past, an opening pulled from one darkness to another, in a line, and a walker who wanders along its length. Each direction dissolves into vacancy. In the half light of a torch someone left behind, I look at the wooden braces and sense the immensity of the weight above. Who built this place? Where were they going? What […]

Jesus, Unfolding

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Christ / Poetry

I met Jesus while crawling on my belly beneath a rock, scratched and bleeding, panting with the effort to catch a single drop of dew with my swollen tongue, straining to taste its coolness before it swelled, and gravity plucked it out from under me. I’d been trying the same stunt every morning at this spot for three days. Now I was too weak to move on. At the last moment, I hesitated. It was […]

A Real Stickler

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“The way will be muddy and seemingly alone, even when you find yourself in crowds, even when all the refugees are funneled together through a narrow pass. You will find yourself trying to avoid being crushed, trying to avoid being left behind, trying to avoid being starved, trying to avoid being plundered. You may dream of blue skies and sunlight, but your path will wind beneath overcast skies and sprinkling rain. You may dream of virgin […]

Going Nowhere In a Hurry

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Barreling down life’s asphalt highway in a vehicle of some description– a modern coup of surface rocketry whose every line represents the fulfillment of computerized crash-testing and the collected fall-out of Greek ideas, gathered like a powder, fired in the furnace of time and sculpted into the shape of silent, diving falcons– a machine built for catapulting over the ground in space-blurring borings through wind and air that leave behind a shimmering, perfectly tubular quiet […]