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A Discussion on Karma

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During the month of April, Hariod and I had a back-and-forth discussion on the idea of karma– what it is and isn’t and how its effects may play out in our lives.  It turned into a somewhat lengthy discussion by blogging standards, but we didn’t think it made sense to serialize it, so are offering it here as a PDF file.  It should read easily in a web browser, an e-book reader, and/or be easily […]

We Are There, Yet…

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This is the part we’re at.  This one. We want to ask if we’re there yet, but it’s not clear who we should ask.  Who should we ask?  These days it feels a little like if you’re asking the question, you’re probably on the list of people most likely to give a decent answer.  And what do we mean by there, anyway?  Anyone?  My favorite part of all this is that we know exactly what […]

Intersections of Everything

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Earlier this week I discovered Ka’s invitation to write a few blog pieces around favorite quotations.  The challenge was framed as three posts, each built around one quotation, or as one post with three quotations.  I realized quickly it would be enjoyable to find a few quotes that I like, and to share them and explain my enthusiasm for them, but then found it was quite a difficult task to narrow down my selections.  I […]