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Falling Snow (New Life)

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Snow is carefully disguised propaganda dropped by spring a few moons in advance of Her campaign, a dusting of crystalline apples and bergamots, acorns and pomegranates, perfect white kernels of new life. Snow is a fresh coat of time-delayed beauty sprinkled onto the land that muffles every footstep and rounds off every corner, dissolving every edge into a pure continuum, while augmenting the whack whack whack of unimpressed woodpeckers. Pay attention they say. whack whack whack […]

Double or Nothing

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I don’t know who or what God is anymore. Each time I say this, my Loving doubles. Once I stepped into a room with block walls and old, worn carpets to sit in the circle with a prayer in my heart while the man who travels through worlds was bound at the center. Light was extinguished, and darkness soared. Singers joined us from the air itself. The drummers poked holes in our boundaries. Lightning tickled the […]

The Green Light

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I was weaving my way through the desert, trailing just behind them, warmed by their presence, soaking in their words– a particle being carried across the sea by a raft of delicious intelligence. I came into a violent world, the first said. I came into a world without a future– a world on the brink, a world on fire, a world outflanked by death… God “the Father” was this idea I came up with. Alone […]

On Looking Back, and Beginning

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This year I realized that in so many ways, I have scarcely begun.  The difference this time, is that having orienteered my way around the mountain in a great and unwitting circle– riding out storms and then reveling in the graceful vacuum of their departure, plotting the next day’s course based on a strange mash of signs, principles and self-argument, being nourished by glimpses of colored bird and flower, by moments of heartfelt communion with […]

The Gaping Maw

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Christ / Poetry

Christ is a friend best made before you try and set things straight in the world, because that’s a tall order usually involving such experiential delicacies as walking through fire, negotiating with fanatics, imbibing poisoned tonics, standing trial before a stadium-sized jury of the bitter and scorned, writing defiant op-eds no one understands, being shoved out of a slow-rolling car, or spraying something minty into your mouth right before doing something reckless as a last […]

On the Nature and Use of Public Transportation

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Christ / Poetry

Calculus reveals itself to be the study of my fears. The tangent to a curve is a line, a rock slung into the void of space, a cannonball flight untempered by gravity, a prognosis insulated from relationship and possibility. If we take the vector properties of this miniscule instant, extrapolate them, and play the tape, well… uh oh. When the Studebaker is whipping around a turn, an antique rocking chair strapped inadequately to the roof, once […]

The Christ Code

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Christ / Poetry

At one level, the human body is an Enigma– a code machine. All day long they run: informing, creating, conducting. There’s the genetic code, sure. Then there’s the histone code, the sugar code, the signal transduction code, the ubiquitin code, the adhesive code, the splicing code, the tubulin code, the metabolic code, and so on and so forth. Kids, too– they know this game. We’ve all dabbled. We sprinted across the yard, dove into leaf piles, barked […]

Simple Steps

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Christ / Poetry

The heavy lifting is done in the invisible realms.  What’s left to be done here is simplicity itself. Beauty emerges from tending to the obvious. Get some water. Carry stones. When we’re like this, we live inside of choreography, though we’ve never seen the script. We couldn’t read it, anyways– ten million movements on planes of existence whose names we cannot understand, all conspiring to make our next step plain. Just take it. Don’t wonder about what […]

The Art of Pearl Diving

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Christ / Poetry

See if this helps: Christ is a fisherman whose nets are cast nightly into the sea of non-existence, pulling haul after haul of shimmering beings out of the abyss. The seas are black as ink, the waves like rolling hills of liquefied obsidian, impenetrable to plain sight, but the nets emerge from the deep full of wriggling, unspeakable colors. We were each caught like that, scooped out of the darkness in nets woven by angels, hauled […]

No Way to Live

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It is possible, strange though it may seem, to imagine that right now is a most exquisite Love note written with you in mind, to imagine that this very moment– with all its shortcomings, flaws, minor aches and pains, pain killers, and just plain killers, the war department, the paperwork, and the miffed populace in which you’re mired– is a tactical choreography offered in the only language you yet understand, suggesting with all due respect that […]