The Green Light

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I was weaving
my way through the desert,
trailing just behind them,
warmed by their presence,
soaking in their words–
a particle being carried
across the sea
by a raft of delicious

I came into a violent world,
the first said.
I came into a world
without a future–
a world on the brink,
a world on fire,
a world outflanked by death…
God “the Father”
was this idea
I came up with.
Alone in the darkness,
I created Him.
I found Him.
I invented Him.
And then I discovered
I knew Him,
and at the same time,
He knew me.
He was seeking me out.
I was His way in, His conduit.
Just as He was my way in.
We brought one another
to Life.

Hafiz nodded thoughtfully.
When you are for everything,
he replied,
you can do this.
You create more of everything.
It all opens before you.
Because everything is for you.

We needed a way to
make contact, Hafiz.
We both needed a face
we could touch.
We were born of necessity,
to a time and a place–
to an urgency
and a desire.
But that was only a beginning.
What are there but beginnings?
So much…
So much is possible…
This Power
will never be done.

So, basically,
Hafiz said,
as mountains
loomed in the distance
like travelers lining up
for an audience,
you want all beings–
like this madman here
trailing along in the sand
behind us
with no idea where he’ll
wake up in the morning–
beings who are
gnawing on the bone
of Endlessness
and find themselves
crossing a vast desert
with naught but a canteen
full of need,
to realize they have
the green light…

Yes to this feeling, but
what’s a green light,
my Friend?

That’s a round symbol
hanging from the sky
that people line up to see
because when it shines
they snap awake from daydreams
and start racing forward
with the wind in their hair
and the sun on their faces.


I know.
I want that, too.


  1. Maybe you implied this Michael, but I just thought of the fun idea to use green traffic lights as signals/ reminders to wake up. A fun and practical game. Thanks! 🙂


  2. I once stared at a green traffic light so intently that it turned brilliant white. I realised then that I could determine the colour myself, which is of course what happens in any case. I didn’t see God though.

    Hariod – gnawing on the bone of endlessness.


  3. Oh, the moments when I sync up with the waves of green light magic and all is forgiven (it was fine all the time anyway), and all is open and there is nothing but availability, and God and I love each other and giggle together, and there is no need for pedastals but lots of space for doorways framed with shimmering possibility.

    I shall open one. You’ve given me the green light.


    • Excellent. I can’t wait to see the fields of shimmering doorways emerge… I have a feeling you’ve been leaving these doorways in your wake for quite some time, since these things happen naturally when we’re free of all those claspers-on that are ultimately forgiven. You have really spoken to the heart of this post, Andrea, and echoed what I worried I didn’t quite capture. Thank you!



  4. Goodness, you are in the zone this morning, Michael–the green light zone? I am reminded of the Zen saying that you can’t be lost if you are not going anywhere–finding yourself in a here and a now all bathed in green.


    • Ha! Thank you, John! Yes, the green light was given to turn this poem loose into the world. I’m glad we all put the pedal down and crashed into one another here, and have gathered around the smoking heaps of our jalopy pasts for a bit of tea and dialogue… bathed in a green light. For that light hanging from the sky is still insisting we go.. create… become… what did it ever have to do with automobiles???

      Peace to you this fine day–


  5. I heard the phrase (is it from horse-racing?) “And they’re off…” at the end of the poem. I saw us all moving out and forward – a sudden and brilliant acceleration from the showing of the green light – but also I had the sense that it is not a competitive race or contest, but rather a fun and agreed upon adventure. So often I return to Byron Katie’s teaching, really Taoism at it’s core it seems, that nothing is wrong or lacking in any moment. Every time I remember, the light turns green and I’m off to the next perfect “thing.” Right now, it is a wonderful. blessed. hot! shower. on a slow starting Saturday morning. The canteen runneth over 🙂 Thank you for such a great starting gun sound, MM!


    • I think it is indeed horse-racing. Oh! And rocket car launching…! I’m grateful for your filling out the vision of what happens after we tromp on the gas: it’s a collaborative adventure indeed, and not a race to here or there. Not a race at all. Just hauling ass, or sitting perfectly still in a lawn chair to watch, for the bliss of it. The statement that nothing is wrong or lacking is one I come back to often as well. It is really powerful. Like looking a perception in the face and telling it flat out you don’t accept its findings. Go back to the lab and keep looking…

      I’m only peripherally familiar with Byron Katie, but have seen a video or two of her working with people and when I came back from wherever I went upon seeing it, I found I’d been taking lots and lots and lots of notes. 🙂

      Have a great day, MT!



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