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Continued Reflections on Perception

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I wrote last week about the idea that bias is inescapable because the world that we experience is not a fixed reality, but the product somehow of our perceptions. A related idea is that we each experience the world differently because we each have a unique relationship with it. I think that gives an insight the previous statement does not. In any case the word “world” is a difficult study, and here I mean it […]

A Poem For You

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I wrote this poem for you. You wonder how this could be, since we’ve never met. You think I would need to know at least a few things about your self before I could make such a claim. You think, perhaps, that our two bodies should have shared a room at least once before I could even consider such a crazy idea as writing this poem for you. Or at least they should have heard one […]


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Sometimes me and the boys like to go on jaunts. Get outta’ the office. Fact-finding missions what we call ’em. Get a handful of shirt, press crumpled cotton fists towards unsuspecting chins and make eyes into accusatory coals. Speak calmly while turning the place upside down to shake it for loose evidence. This will only take a moment, sir. See what coins fall out and jangle to rest on the pavement like glaring statements of […]