A Poem For You

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I wrote this poem for you.
You wonder how this could be,
since we’ve never met.
You think I would need to know
at least a few things about your self
before I could make such a claim.
You think, perhaps, that our two bodies
should have shared a room at least once
before I could even consider
such a crazy idea as writing
this poem for you.
Or at least they should have
heard one another speak.
You would feel better, anyway,
if at least I had some physical artifact
produced by your corporeal manifestation
by which I could glean a couple of
juicy tidbits about what it is to be you.
Something you’ve written.
A fingerprint, a third grade sketch,
a picture of you posing by Big Bird.

What if we’re wrong about all that?
What if we could write poems
for each other all the time
without such chains of evidence?

I’m not talking about anonymity,
or not looking in one another’s eyes.
I’m not talking about escaping
the perils and wonders of physical presence.
I’m talking about realizing,
deep down, we already know
who we are…

So I wrote this poem for you.
Because you’re not here…
And I love you.
And neither am I.


    • Many thanks, Hariod. Hope you are well this wintry season. Today I traveled a few hours in each direction for a meeting, which was nice because I got to catch up on my thinking, and after some residual clouds broke (in the actual physical sky) I was traveling through forest and marsh. All the plants were in that crystalline sparkling mode, wearing a thin coat of ice and sparkling in the morning sun– a sight that is so pretty to see, but leaves you wondering about the grip of your stead’s tires with the asphalt. No problems. Technology– let us be clear– is in many such small ways a wonder.

      Much Love


    • Excellent! Thank you for visiting and leaving a corporeal manifestation of your presence. It isn’t that these things don’t have their place! 🙂 Michael

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    • Me, too. Some nights, just thinking of the depth of the connections that link each to each, each living being to every other, feels like the only prayer we ever need.



  1. PreciousRhymes says

    Thanks for this ‘poem for me’ dear Michael. The heart’s well versed with such crazy ideas .. knows not the name nor face, but deep down it already knows 🙂


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