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What’s Killing Me

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Hafiz and I have started an air band. It’s a summer thing. I guess. A now and forever thing. Like being eight years old and playing tag with your cousin on a wrap-around porch on a day that will never, ever forget you. The sky behind the house turns pink and orange in a valley between tall trees and we appear on the widow’s walk just as the bass line sets the table. We’re both […]

A Discussion on Karma

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During the month of April, Hariod and I had a back-and-forth discussion on the idea of karma– what it is and isn’t and how its effects may play out in our lives.  It turned into a somewhat lengthy discussion by blogging standards, but we didn’t think it made sense to serialize it, so are offering it here as a PDF file.  It should read easily in a web browser, an e-book reader, and/or be easily […]

Savoring the View Through a Single Pixel

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Christ / Course Ideas

The last half of this year, and the last two months in particular, have reduced the aperture of my life down to such a tight radius that I feel as though I’ve been scanning the field of experience and possibility one dim pixel at a time.  There’s not much plot to derive from such a view– not much context or depth with which to work.  Day and night are shades of brightness, but little more. […]

On the Nature and Use of Public Transportation

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Christ / Poetry

Calculus reveals itself to be the study of my fears. The tangent to a curve is a line, a rock slung into the void of space, a cannonball flight untempered by gravity, a prognosis insulated from relationship and possibility. If we take the vector properties of this miniscule instant, extrapolate them, and play the tape, well… uh oh. When the Studebaker is whipping around a turn, an antique rocking chair strapped inadequately to the roof, once […]

What I Like To Call It

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They look at me funny when I tell them I’m a cosmic stunt man, like I have a condition because I can’t stop coming to Jesus about the elaborate nature of this phenomenal ruse. Like indifference is a rational response to having undergone such a prompt step into existence, to having donned that stretchy, knowledge-retardant suit and climbed down the business end of a circus artillery piece, only to fall asleep just prior to the moment […]


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Christ / Creative

It’s easy to think I have made a breakthrough, put the pieces together just right, as if I were a scientist grappling with and making plain the mysteries of salvation.  It wouldn’t be all that difficult to conjure an image of myself twirling a dry erase marker in one hand and sloshing a cup of coffee absentmindedly in the other while pacing back and forth in front of wall-to-wall white boards.  On them are scribbled […]

Keep Your Mask in the Water

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Experience is our point of interface with Love. It’s the reason and the method- the locus where it all compiles and dimensions squeeze together to share a place at the Table, bending through and around one another to share witness to a holy performance. * * * * Snorkeling comes to mind. The joy of snorkeling is the navigation of the seam between two worlds- the occupying of both and neither, peering deep within from […]