Keep Your Mask in the Water

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Experience is our point of interface with Love.
It’s the reason and the method-
the locus where it all compiles
and dimensions squeeze together
to share a place at the Table,
bending through and around
one another to share witness
to a holy performance.

* * * *

Snorkeling comes to mind.
The joy of snorkeling is
the navigation of the seam
between two worlds- the occupying
of both and neither,
peering deep within
from a place almost,
(but not quite),
It is witnessing the movement
of sleek and potent creatures, of colors,
of eyes- from a window
hewn out of the very same waters…
You can’t really break snorkeling down
into cause and effect, or posit a
purpose for the tube in the
absence of the mask.
You can’t parse the air
and the water into isolated realms
that retain any meaning whatsoever

Here’s the thing about experience:
when the shark saunters into view,
we are far too tempted to yank
our window from the water,
to withdraw from the interface,
as if the merging of worlds could be stopped
by our refusing to let the holy reactants
collide in the chamber of our being.

Who knows?
Maybe something does come to a halt…
Maybe the interface does drop offline…
Maybe this, is what it means, to imagine being separate…

(The shark wasn’t ‘out there’ until now you know…)

* * * * *

I was walking along a stream,
enjoying the sun, the waving of
leaves and flowers in the breeze.
I was snorkeling- exploring
the interior of my heart while
my back was held in this warm bath, when
I caught a glimpse of a butterfly.
I followed it into the trees.
There, I was ambushed.  The foliage
erupted into skittering confetti.
Tracers bore lines through the space
around me as bullets whizzed past.
All hell was breaking loose.
I dove for cover behind a rock.

Then, as my heart pounded,
I started thinking:
how did it come to this?
what did I do to get here?
you’ve got the wrong guy!
this whole thing… it makes no sense.
i never wanted any of this…

(This is pulling your mask
out of the water.)

* * * * *

My thought for the day is this:
keep your mask in the water.
You will want your interface with Love for what comes next.
Remember, this isn’t snorkeling at all-
this is Creation.
Leap out from behind the rock
and ask if anyone has a cigarette.
Pretend you are a bank robber,
and escape.  Offer constructive tips on marksmanship.
Prepare something cold and bloody for the shark to eat.

But you don’t need me to tell you this…
You are Love,
and you will undoubtedly become an even better experience-
full of baby sharks and bullet proof vests or something.
Experience is Creation,
the portal between Love
and who you are,
and it is holy.


  1. This all makes way too much sense! I had such flashbacks of snorkeling and then the air began to seem like slightly thinner water which I go through – so dreamy. Perhaps in this state, I would just enjoy being the meal this time.


  2. This post is a little spooky for me.

    Watching the light dance on the top of water holds deep meditative meaning for me and I have been daily doing this since moving to the coast. I also just accepted the invitation to write a guest post on another blog about my awakening experience and in thinking about pivotal experiences was contemplating including the story of when I learned to scuba dive.

    I open water certified in the Bahamas and on my first dive ever a large shark came cruising by about 15 feet away and I had a moment of complete and utter profound peace looking into an eye that I knew was looking at me. I was visiting in this creatures home and a massive love ping went out and came right back (Daniel in the lions den emotional state??!). Where was the panic?

    I was in such a state of deep joy in the experience that when a time traditionally to fear came, there was no room for the chemistry to come on line and only love remained… eat me or not as we are both equal in creation!!!

    When diving you REALLY understand the concept that “God” is just on the other side of the breath when you are deep underwater and air is a precious resource on your back…also getting buoyancy just right gives a feeling of still being in a body, but weightless –EUPHORIA at sense of flying are wonderful gateways home!

    GET OUT OF MY HEAD MICHAEL lol. Fun to find this post here after all that on my own mind the past weeks/days.



    • First off, please drop a link here to the piece you are writing when it is complete. I would love to read it.

      Second, I’ll try to get out of your head, but there may be forces greater than you or I at work.

      Third, the shark experience sounds intense-beautiful-amazing. All I can think of, however, is Sean Connery on the Red October, daring to communicate with Scott Glenn on board the Dallas, asking for one ping, and one ping only. There must be something courageous about this One Ping business…



      • Ok now it is really getting deeply wonderfully weird…

        I JUST!!!!!!!!! watched this VERY VIDEO CLIP LAST WEEK as I considered including it in a reply to Marga at Lifeasimprov responding to one of her comments on a post of mine about pinging.

        Great (or is that wonderfully left and right to center?) minds think alike!


        • Weird is good. It may be best to leave our evolving eccentricities in an indeterminate state, but nevertheless we can agree: Mr. Connery makes a strong impression.



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