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Begging For Real

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One day I was astonished to find Hafiz giving instruction to a cadre of beggars. He was explaining to us how much better off we would be, if we were drunk right from the get go, and he was passing out copies of his latest poem, saying, Drink these my friends… Drink these with the rising sun… The idea being– all our surly ideas about fate and how things really work and who could of and should […]

The Honesty We Crave

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Christ / Poetry

Everything you see is a trick. And Love is the punchline. These skins are just the charade we need, to remember what can never grow old. Children with eyes overflowing— they don’t tire of hearing it over and over and over again. All those goo goo gah gah faces we make— so certain of our personal contribution to their pleasure… They’re not even listening. It’s what’s in our eyes they crave, that punchline peeking through our […]


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Once Hafiz and I were walking along the beach beneath a violet sky that had gathered around a glowing sliver of the moon, speaking existentially about sunken barques drift wood hand-carved initials and the audacity of the ruffled tulip, when the pounding surf whistling winds and rush of mad-honking gulls tripped a lever inside of my famished organs of persona. I was suddenly swimming in the need to give my whole life away, to tear […]

Savoring the View Through a Single Pixel

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Christ / Course Ideas

The last half of this year, and the last two months in particular, have reduced the aperture of my life down to such a tight radius that I feel as though I’ve been scanning the field of experience and possibility one dim pixel at a time.  There’s not much plot to derive from such a view– not much context or depth with which to work.  Day and night are shades of brightness, but little more. […]

A Desert, A Being, and a Need

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Christ / Course Ideas / Poetry

A self is a heavy burden to carry with you across the desert. Despite being invisible and weightless in principle, it is the often overlooked, but necessary battery of accoutrements that are required to render the self manifest and functional that take their toll. There is the steamer trunk full of historical data, for instance, with its rather robust coefficient of sliding friction across the hot sand– the modern take on an old classic, a […]

All Your Playful Swatting

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A body is neither a limit nor a cage, but a flower on the vine of who you are. And those bees buzzing all around you? Those zoom-zoom experiences that keep swarming your life? They just want to collect your holy nectar and take it back to their hive so they can toast you all winter long, quite possibly for the rest of their lives. Best to stop swatting them away and open your petals […]

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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This poem comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. That’s right. Here it is, in fact: Your Everlasting Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. In case you’re wondering already– (you haven’t even read the poem yet for Pete’s sake!)– what type of compensation you receive should you find by some law-bending fluke of nature that you’re a twinge dissatisfied at the end of this, I’ll tell you that, too. Anticipating such a question, the Beloved has written the Answer upon an infinitude of hearts, […]

Night Breezes

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Night breezes tickle the chimes we hung, then rise through the leaves above, rinsing away the day’s hours, then rise to graze upon the earthen rays streaming from the crowns of trees, then rise to gather in counsel inside a vast cocoon of starlight. Underground, the bees are sleeping, their dreams sparking along the synapses of flower roots. Tomorrow they will harvest the nectar, discovering the return of all that was given. Life is neither […]

Ecstatic Seizures

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I’ve been developing a condition of late, a seizure that wracks my whole identity, an electric longing spun taut within an endless Answer.  Out of the blue– tears.  The core of my being, a wash cloth squeezed tight.  The vast hands of compassion twisting and pulling, braiding me into a rope that is twined with all beings.  Mary knows what I mean, how to hold this space, how to be flooded by the riches of […]