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Night Breezes

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Night breezes tickle the chimes we hung, then rise through the leaves above, rinsing away the day’s hours, then rise to graze upon the earthen rays streaming from the crowns of trees, then rise to gather in counsel inside a vast cocoon of starlight. Underground, the bees are sleeping, their dreams sparking along the synapses of flower roots. Tomorrow they will harvest the nectar, discovering the return of all that was given. Life is neither […]


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None of us really knows what kind of stunt Creation is going to pull next. The thing to do is avoid being reactionary. If you like to fly, for instance, put on your leather aviator’s helmet, your trusted goggles, and a long, flowing white scarf. Then sneak into the Situation Room and thrust up your hand to volunteer. Don’t worry, They’ll know for what.

The One Great Desire

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Once, when he was still learning his craft of ushering the anxious and doubtful from the shadows of falsehood to the river of poetry at the center of their own being, and in a well-intentioned effort to raise the general morale, Hafiz gave away two court-side seats to the Explosion of the Sun. Because, as we all know, sometimes having something to look forward to can make all the difference. In this particular case, the […]

Ecstatic Seizures

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I’ve been developing a condition of late, a seizure that wracks my whole identity, an electric longing spun taut within an endless Answer.  Out of the blue– tears.  The core of my being, a wash cloth squeezed tight.  The vast hands of compassion twisting and pulling, braiding me into a rope that is twined with all beings.  Mary knows what I mean, how to hold this space, how to be flooded by the riches of […]