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Obstacles to Choosing Love

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One of the more challenging topics for me to write about recently was the topic of suffering, and the idea that what Jesus describes as “the choice of love” can end suffering.  It was challenging because I could anticipate resistance to this idea, even as I wrote about it.  I could anticipate potentially alienating a reader or two, (and when you have three readers, all of whom you value dearly, this is indeed a risk), […]

Coming Undone – An Encounter with Specialness

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Christ / Course Ideas

This week I have felt particularly troubled, and perhaps some elements of my experience are worth sharing in at least a general sense.  Maybe in the sharing others can benefit.  Maybe in the sharing I will better understand what has taken place. Unlearning can at times be deeply challenging, as if you are pitted in a wrestling match for your own soul.  In A Course in Miracles Jesus describes the way in which the ego […]

Caught Inside Myself

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Some days I am smothered by the feeling that something isn’t quite right.  That feeling is like a manipulative family member- one who is gone for days, off in the world burning brightly, too brightly, who then crashes and returns, moping around the house in a flaunt of bitterness.  Disproven once again, he is nonetheless a fountain of answers and predictions.  He is quick to point out the proper way to slice a tomato, to […]

Ecstatic Swimming Lessons

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I was sitting alone on a stone bench overlooking the harbor, sipping on a latte, as I took in the sights and sounds of a strange land- (I was on vacation)- when a young woman on a scooter whipped past and let fly a paper airplane.  Judging from the sparkle, it was made from a laquer-faced card stock.  This girl meant business.  Her face bore an inscrutable expression, like the facade of an abandoned bank […]

Is Love Enough?

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Course Ideas

Faced with a world in which something has gone wrong, it is virtually impossible to encounter the madness and not attempt to envision a solution.  I’m not saying solutions shouldn’t be envisioned, but I think that in A Course of Love Jesus is saying, “Hey, look, if you were a fish on dry land, and your gills were burning, and you were undergoing a total metabolic catastrophe, and you were given the choice between letting […]

Stricken (The Descent of Grace)

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This past week I was shaken by an acute pain in my heart-soul-being.  Like a fever in the body, it began as a dull ache, but ramped up into a full blown grippe.  It was an inner aching that shook me to the core.  If you have felt this, you will know the attending symptoms- the way a ghostly pallor slides over the world like a sticky film, the way we withdraw ourselves into a […]